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Subject: Haunt 5 - the story continues... rss

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Brian M
United States
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"Bad things happened here" Zoe stated simply.

"Now, now, don’t worry little girl" professor Longfellow tried to calm her. "You're perfectly safe with us. I wouldn’t be allowing you kids along if I thought there was any risk. Now, just show me where all these strange things took place."

Ox snorted at the idea that anything strange might have happened here at all, and little Brandon just smiled cheerfully at the thought of meeting some chain-rattling spook.

They were both less cheerful only a few minutes later. The professor had told them they should all stay together. They’d meant to, really. But hallways didn’t seem to lead where they were expected in this crazy place.

Brandon had found a mysterious and old looking puzzle box, and his attention was now fully focused on it, sliding its little panels back and forth to no avail. He wasn’t watching where he was wandering at all.

Longfellow had found a mysterious spirit board, and his scientific mind was troubled by the strange feeling he got from it. Even more troubling were the spots of blood on it. He wondered if that might have something to do with his brother who had died mysteriously in this very house last month.

Had he been watching Zoe, he would have been even more shaken when she walked into a room where two boys were playing a game, which suddenly took a horribly sinister turn when one of the boys began beating the other with a wooden top. Zoe simply sighed. "Boys are stupid."

But the dark place had thoroughly rattled his nerves anyway, what with spiders much bigger than they had any right to be dropping from the ceiling.

Ox was far more than rattled. Something had clutched at him from out of the slime on the basement walls. Something with icy talons with a putrid stench of the grave. He was sure of it. He needed to find the others, to get out of here.

Then sound echoed through the house that sent his hand into a crushing grip of fear on the holy symbol he had pried off the wall; a deep howl, neither human nor animal. He began to run, finding the stairway up from the basement. He had to find the others.

Longfellow was shouting. "Its true…its true…the legends of the werewolves here…all true. We need to find silver! Silver and a gun! Its our only hope!"

The professor nearly collied with Ox in a room filled with junk and clutter. Frantically, they began searching for a weapon. Brandon ran down stairs, now trying to open the puzzle box with a sort of insane desperation.

"I saw something upstairs!" he shouted out "something big and growling!"

The professor stopped in horror at the sound of heavy footfalls coming down the stairs very fast. "Oh no…Zoe! Zoe was upstairs! I told her she’d be safe…"

His voice cut off as the huge beast appeared in the doorway, claws and teeth glistening in the dim light.

Ox was still frantically tearing apart the room next door, but had not found anything. The professor sized up the beast. Perhaps he could make a run for it. He could find a way to stop this creature, he was sure. The other two…they didn’t have the knowledge and skill for it. They would surely be lost without him. And Zoe…had the thing already gotten her?

He tried to run – and it quickly cornered him. He had the sudden feeling that it also realized he was the one who posed the most threat. Its jaws snapped on his arm, knocking him to the ground.

Then, to his surprise, it backed off for a moment. Not finishing him off…was it toying with him? As he tried to get to his feet, he realized the truth. Something within him started growling. The backs of his hands began to sprout a layer of fur. As he slipped into the animal mind, he heard a voice from the werewolf.

"I told you bad things happened here."

Ox had nearly destroyed the junk room. He heard the professor scream, then more growling and roaring. He ran to one side, hoping to get away, and found himself trapped in front of ancient vault, with no way to go.

A weapon, he thought. Maybe there will be a weapon in here. Something I can use to stop them. But the door was resisting every effort he made to open it.

He heard Brandon yelling, then his voice cut off to. Desperate now, panicked, he ran back to the junk room.

Four furry creatures were waiting for him. They surrounded him. With a dim confusion, he realized one of them had Brandon’s baseball cap perched oddly on its head. He punched furiously at that one, and knocked it back, thinking for one wild moment that he might be able to beat it. Then jaws sank into his leg. Then they pulled back. But they had him trapped. He had no place to hide, he wasn’t fast enough to outrun him. They circled, watching him. He felt what seemed a fever racing through his body. A primal call rising up inside him. His grip on the holy symbol was all that was keeping his mind from being overwhelmed by it.

But he had no way out. They started to close in, and he let the symbol drop from his grip. He joined the howling of the others.

Deep within the bestial part of her mind, Zoe was delighted. The wolf in her could barely remember what happened at the house before, but it did not matter. She had a pack now.

This game was very short and very one sided. The haunt happened quickly, the house was barely explored, and the heroes didn’t stand much of a chance. They never found the items they needed. In a few short turns, they had all been turned into werewolves. Poor Ox was hopelessly trapped at the end – he didn’t have enough speed to move away from all the wolves!

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cody gardner
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that was preety fun to read
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