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Subject: CHAPO'S TURN - (a more difficult and challenging variant) rss

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Miquel Jornet

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Passion & know-how in culturetainment & boardgames. Playtester, UI/UX reviewer and podcast host at RESERVOIR JOCS since 2011.
The game is played as usual, but in the setup you have to do this:

- Start with the starting tile in the difficult mode, with 6 exits shown.

- Separate the promotional card with HELVETIQ word depicted in a cave with 6 exits.

- Shuffle the deck before dealing player/s' starting hands.

- Separate the whole deck in 3 stacks with about the same amount of cards each one.

- Each player takes one card from the top of each of the stacks as their starting hand (3 cards in total, as in the normal game).

- Then, take the promotional card (the HELVETIQ cave of 6 exits) and shuffle it with the middle stack. And reassemble the whole deck with the middle stack between the other two stacks (like a sandwich).

- Play as usual with these subtle changes:

A.- If a player in his/her turn cannot place legally any of their 3 cards, then discard their 3 cards (returning these to the box), draw 3 new cards and pass the turn to the player on his/her left.

B.- When a player draws from the deck the HELVETIQ cave, then triggers the CHAPO'S TURN and this player must (mandatory) place* the HELVETIQ cave in a legal position of their choice and then draw another card and play his/her own turn.

*In the strange case that the HELVETIQ cave is not possible to be placed legally, discard it and draw a new card to play your turn normally. Bad luck for El Chapo if this happens!

REMEMBER: if you can place legally at least one of your cards in hand, you have to do this. You cannot say that you can't place cards, discarding and drawing new ones losing your turn if you can place at least one of your cards (sometimes this rule open new escape ways for El Chapo... sorry, shit happens my friend!).

Enjoy this game and this new challenge (you can play it also in solitaire mode).

And please, give me thumbs up and your feedback if you liked it.
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