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Subject: Beginner Guide, Rules Clarification and Tutorial Videos? rss

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This was one of the first board games I bought to play with my partner. In the 18 months since buying it, we have played it only once, and we really didn't enjoy it. Since then it has been gathering dust.

Since then, our collection has grown substantially and Gaia Project stands out as the only game we haven't returned to.

Thinking back to when we did play it, the issues that we had were:

- The rulebook was confusing, we had to find a video online to learn how to set the board up. Going through we were getting lost and confused.
- The gameplay didn't feel particular intuitive.
- Neither of us were really able to get our engine going.

To be fair, at the time we were new to board gaming (we had jumped from Monopoly to Pandemic, to Scythe, to Gaia Project), and that lack of experience probably caused some of the issues. In the 20+ other games we have bought, generally we noticed the first game was hardest as you were learning, and it took some time for things to click.

It is also highly likely we were getting rules wrong, and this was frustrating us.

Seeing as the game is highly rated, and we sunk £90 into buying it, we are keen to give the game another go soon, but want to prepare a little bit before hand.

So if anyone could recommend a good tutorial video, beginners guide or similar, I would appreciate it.

TLDR: Played the game once, we didn't understand it, and need a guide to get us going!
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Ken Thibodeau
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GP is a heavy game. Very rewarding when things click, but don’t expect that to happen on your first game. Or even first 2-3 games. Just concentrate on learning the rules, making connections between the games mechanisms and you will slowly start making chains of moves that make sense.

Give it a thorough chance, it will not disappoint. What you did by learning other games is the best strategy. GP is for experienced gamers. If you enjoy and grok Scythe, it is encouraging.
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Lionel M
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Hold on guy !
Scythe is an easier game to understand. I have no more difficult game than Gaia Project. But it's my best game (solo as multi).
I remember my first play, with my daughter (12 years old) : we scored 50 and didn't understand anything... But after many other plays : waouh. Outstanding. So many ways, so many setup. Now I love it.
I've never found any video tuto. I've only spend a lot of time learning and learning again the rules. For information, french firts rules were awful, but after many months, the editor made better traduction rules. Perhaps do you have the same in your language.
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Jon Kern
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Here are some helpful links. Let me know if you have any questions on strategy. Please post rules questions in the rules post linked. Hopefully this will get you into loving Gaia Project as much as I do.

I wanted to point out that a lot of new players forget to take income on round 1. Most races start with 7 ore, 15 coins, and 4 knowledge.


Some typical rule errors made by Gaia Project beginners

Official Federation FAQ

Here is a series of links to various strategy topics. I don't agree with everything at this point, but a lot of food for thought.

Basic Strategy Principles (The perspective of a Terra Mystica player)

Categories of Factions

Standard Openings Update (Added Tech Step Recommendations)

Standard Openings

Beyond the Early Game (A Guide to Scoring)

Econ Track too good?

Investing in the Science tech track

Navigation Research - unavoidable for most factions?

Navigation an Early Game Trap?

Q.I.C.s - where to get, and where to use

Also a specifically easy and good income oriented opening is the following.

Opening Academy + 1-2 Mines is most often the best opening economically. Take 1 Step in TF for the ore and 2 steps in Economy.

You need 11-12 ore. 7 starting + 1 round booster + 2 TF gives you 10. You can always at worse convert QIC to an ore.
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