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Subject: Peace Rangers and the siege of Woodland Realm rss

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Dave J McWeasely
United States
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The Orcs Are Multiplying Again! Lorien is immediately under pressure from Dol Guldur.

The fellowship is revealed travelling the High Pass. Gandalf dies to a puny 1r. He rises in Fangorn. Meanwhile, The Nazgul Chief bedevils the Fellowship.

Mordor Alpha marches on Woodland Realm, but they're stymied by the plucky peaceful tree-huggers of The North, who first protest the invasion by lying down in front of the bulldozer on Old Forest Road, and then strike from Dale with their Peace Rangers! Along with Thranduiel's Archers and Gwaihir bringing Merry and Gimli, Woodland Realm has a very respectable [2/2/3] defense!

Lorien is able to reinforce up to [1/3/1], but its swept aside and conquered. Ents tried to help but go 1-for-5.

A Moria army, bolstered by Isengarders, marches on Rivendell. However, Elrond has ample time to prepare, and his four elites scare the Shadow so badly they turn for the Shire. They sweep aside determined but microscopic defenses. Then they take the Gray Havens for good measure.

Rohan will remain quiet all game. Despite a huge cold war on the border, the visible presence of two Rohan reinforcement cards at the Fords of Isen, not to mention those Ents, dissuades Saruman from making any attack.

The Dwarves of Erebor are likewise well defended. When the Peace Ranger's protest of Shadow Human Rights Abuses is broken up by Mumakill, they retreat into Erebor. Iron hills comes along too, but mutters angrily under his beard that the hippes better not ask for Vegan options in the Great Hall. [4/1/3] isn't too shabby for a peaceful Dwarves & North. They're not attacked.

Gondor looks to escape the ravages of war too, but she neglects her watchtowers on the western shore, and Corsairs beach near Dol Amroth, taking the island fortress before the alarm is raised.

Strider presses forwards with the Fellowship. Progress is slow, due to the antics of Nazgul Chief, not to mention few swords rolled. Frodo puts on the ring several times, but is almost never revealed to Sauron. The Fellowship is turn stalled at Morannon, but it hardly mattered, since they only rolled 1 sword on the next turn.

The Siege of the Woodland Realm

"Master Brandybuck, bring me my Axe."

The final turn, Mordor Alpha, camped at Woodland Realm since the opening of hostilities, prepares for the final push. They have Goblin men and Olog Hai, not to mention reinforcements from Rhun and Mt Gundabad.

For their part, the [2/2/3] Elves and Beornings are led by Thranduiel, Gimli, and Merry. They have two catapults, which they often bust down to powerful effect. Twice, the shadow must pause to bring in reinforcements. The Free play a continuous stream of Daring Defiance and Daylight, punctuated occassionally with Heroic Death. The shadow can only reply with Foul Stench and Words of Power.

In desperation the Shadow uses an event die to draw a card, and gets Deep Trenches and Great Engines. The woodland realm's trebuchets are destroyed by sorcery, and the Shadow storms in on the last die, killing all and getting a Military victory.


And so the Free People manage to lose another game where they thoroughly outplayed the Shadow. But at least the Shadow fought a huge, fun battle with lots of companions and combat cards.

Turn 9. Fellowship was two moves from the Cracks, 6 corruption, with Strider, Boromir, and Pippin. They'd have a 95% chance to dunk the next turn.

Nazgul Chief actually had a decent game, pouncing on a declaring fellowship several times, and coming out a turn earlier than any other minion could have. Captain of Despair and Worn with Sorrow were both annoying.

Nevertheless, failure to card cycle made that final siege of Woodland Realm drag on forever.

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