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Subject: Questions: Timing for unspending armies rss

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I have a few questions on unspending armies for Mr. Verlaque:

When exactly are the occasions a player is allowed to unspend his armies? Rule 9.6 is quiet about this and 12.3.3 suggest that the 'victor' (attacker or defender) may do so at the moment of victory. If the victor choose not to unspend at the end of the battle when would be the earliest opportunity he may do so again? From the sample game I know this is possible during the Reinforcement phase, but earlier than that?

Can a player leave his army spent only to unspend it AT THE MOMENT it is attacked? My guess is no, this would encourage opportunist play. But the sample game showed that the victorious defender MAY unspend during the opponent's turn.

Can a player unspend his army after movement but before a battle (as shown in 1805, 4th campaign round in the sample game)? My guess is no, he had to hit the enemy with a spent army if he chooses to attack a mountainous region. Is my assumption correct?

The note under 12.3.3 says: "It is not possible to unspend troops between the successive battles that might take place due to the play of the Interior Lines card." Is it possible to unspend armies between successive battles caused by a Major Campaign? I.e., if you soak off the enemy with a weak corps and hit him again with a stronger army, can he unspend before the 2nd attack? My guess again is no, making soaking off a valid tactic. Is my assumption correct?

In conclusion:
1. A player may unspend any of his spent armies at the beginning of his campaign round. (I am making assumptions here).

2. A player may not unspend any of his armies DURING a campaign round, i.e., between successive battles caused by the Interior Lines and Major Campaign cards. Neither is he allowed to unspend between movement and ensuing battle.

3. A player may unspend any of his armies at THE END of any player's campaign round, provided that army has been victorious (won a battle) during the same campaign round. No other army may be unspent.

4. A player may unspend any of his armies during any other phase provided it is his turn to play. He may discard cards to unspend any number of armies IN ADDITION to the actions allowed in those phases.

Are my conclusions/assumptions correct? Perhaps you could make the unspending rule more clear-cut, maybe assigning a specific timing for it. Thank you for your patience and the great game, I have always been a Napoleoniac.

Walter Lai
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Re:Questions: Timing for unspending armies
Mr. Verlaque:

Okay, I've been making a fool of myself.

After re-reading the rules I've found that they are pretty straight foward on unspending armies. I have found the answers to (or invalidated) most of my previous questions. You cannot fight more than one battle in a region per round with the Major Campaign, for one.

Allow me to redo my questions:

The a player is allowed to unspend: 1) Any of his armies (with a discarded card each) during the Reinforcement Phase, and 2) His victorious army after a winning a battle. And these 2 are the only times when a player can unspend armies. Is that correct?

Thank you,
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Renaud Verlaque
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Re:Questions: Timing for unspending armies

That's correct.

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