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Subject: Don't mind the timeclock (if you can) rss

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Ages 10+
2-4 players

4 alphabet boards
Playing cards with the ‘task’on them
100 Chips
1 Pawn
1 Dice

Goal of this game:
To be the first player to have filled up your alphabetboard with chips by finding the right words to the questions.

There’s only 1 pawn in this game and it is used for all players. It is put onto the gameboard. The first player rolls the dice and moves the pawn the amount of steps shown on the dice. He then acts according to what he lands on:
· 15 seconds: you get 15 seconds to answer the question on the card.
· 30 seconds: you get 30 seconds to answer the question on the card.
· Take away: you can take chips from other players cards by answering the question on the card. You get 15 seconds to do this.
· 2 of your choice: you get to put a chip on two letters on your alphabet board. This way you can get rid of those difficult letters like X/Y or Q.
Then you take a card and read the question which corresponds with the number you rolled, for example, if you rolled 3, you move the pawn 3 steps and then read question number 3 on the card. The questions are things like: name as many male singers as you know. You then get to put a chip on each alphabetletter of your board to which you know a male singer.
When your time is up the timeclock turns over and you must stop. The next player continues.

Game end:
The first to fill up his/her alphabet board is the winner.

Do I like this game:
First of all I must say I hate the timeclock. It makes a terrible noise while ticking away and when your time is up it flips over making even more noise.

It’s absolutely impossible to think of words with this going on. For that reason I use a stopwatch or an hourglass. I suppose it might be part of the game to add this distraction but I have noticed children also cannot deal with this very well. They just freeze and watch till it turns over.
I suppose there are some die-hards out there who can block this out. I haven’t met them yet though.
The idea of the game is not new. You see the same in games like “scattegories”, or even just making up questions and picking a letter from the newspaper. This game gives a change in that categorie but does not really need to be put into a real game.

There is also a junior version for this game. In the Netherlands it is called "A-Z junior". This game does not have a gameboard but has all the symbols on the dice. And of course the categories are easier. It is designed for 7+. The alphabet boards have different colours so it's a bit more attractive for children and they can't fight about who's board is who's as they all have their own colour (in "pazazz" they are all black).

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