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Subject: "This games too easy. Let's fight chthulhu" rss

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Danny Frahm
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I usually play with 5 players and so far we were yet to loose a game. even if we didn't get the portals shut in time we killed the GOO (killing face to face Ithuqua, Narp, and Snub)

One thing that made these games easier was we allowed movement to continue after battle. Which I recently found was wrong.

Because of this I have been slowly ratcheting up the difficulty of games from game to game adding every house rule that would make it harder.

The game:
Players - 3 less than we are use to. Trent, Todd, and myself.
Characters - salesman, student and the girl who allows re-rolls.
GOO - Chthulu

First mythos comes out to begin the game. Weather "heatwave" most notable effect "-1 fight"

First monster to arrive was a hound. Which immediately moved to me. I had not drawn any weapons on my initial draw I was looking dead before my first turn. Trent comes to aid me only to find he didn't have a great chance either. Todd doesn't have enough movment to get there. We both hide from the hound. I manage to escape getting far away with most of Trents items.

Second turn new portal, and a second hound arrives. Trent has adjusted his card for battle and kills the first hound, but is hanging by a thread. The second one luckily doesn't move. However things aren't looking good.

Nobody is ready to fight monsters except Trent who has a tommy gun. He prepares himself as our monster hunter. The rest of us gather clues, and get ourselves prepared.

Third round. Rumor. At the end of a turn roll a die. +1 terror on 1,2. Trent with reckless abandon charges the last hound, with my re-roll ability put to good use (he takes it almost every round) he succeeds.

Round 4. A monster appears with Overwhelming 1 and physical immunity. Todd and Trent swap weapons. Trent now with a magical weapon charges the new monster and succeeds only realising too late that the overwhelming ability sends him to the hospital.

During the game I gain an ally theif, a dark cloak, and a silver key. My evade ability is enough to get me into a nearby portal. The first world I visit is Ryehl (sp).... Great. "The boat is leaving roll -2 speed [2]" I have 2 dice (barely) Two successes! I gain five clues. i now have around 13 clues on my character. Luckily. I get out from the other world only to find I will have one HELL of a time closing the portal. My characters max abilities made it impossible for me to close it without the use of a clue token. I used 2. Portal shut.

The next portal I shut was thanks to a nightgaunt which had emerged from the portal I shut. I decided not to use any weapons, which resulted in him winning combat and throwing me through another portal. This was a nice shortcut.

But portals are opening up everywhere. Trent managed to close one, but only due to an eldersign traded to him after he emerged.

Meanwhile Todd is having a good old time shopping, and trying to gain membership at the twighlight lodge. He gets membership only to gain encounters which involve him loosing sanity and fighting demons. Membership was overrated. He was stuck in the twighlight lodge mainly due to a dimensional shambler which had parked itself outside twighlight lodge for 4-5 turns. Todd wasn't really 'joining the fight'

It didn't really matter much though. Trent was doing enough insane fighting for all of us. He would charge with his single item from the hospital at full speed into the biggest monster and try to kill it. After receiving enough frequently hospitalised points Trent traded in some toughness trophies for some cash. This didn't really mean too much to cthulu who arrived as soon as he had finished.

Cthulhu was here and he wasn't happy. We all beat on him with our +6 weapons and max fight, but his round by round heal was making it a mission impossible. Final round of attacks came and Trent said "Ok guys we have 12 dice left and we need 33 successes." My wrists just couldn't produce that magic.

We died.


Long live Cthulhu.
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Buenos Aires
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Long life Cthulhu, indeed. wow
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James Thompson
United States
New Hampshire
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Nice report!
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