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Subject: 5 player struggle rss

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Amin (Lannister)
Bruce (Greyjoy)
Simon (Tyrell)
Jazz (Baratheon)
Mark [Simon’s friend] (Stark)

The game was played with the usual baratheon barrel mod in Kingswood, and Oldtown made into a stronghold to help Tyrel. I think we forgot to add a crown there and it really showed, with Simon having serious power generating issues. This game we also decided to try the Riverrun mod to help Lannister, my making Riverrun only accessible to ships via the Golden Sound. We were using Expansion cards, and siege weapons and forts.

The first turn started with Greyjoy sending his ships at me, forcing me to use my Jaime Lannister card as I couldn’t afford to lose that ocean my first turn, while he used a lower card. After that, the battle was on between us. The mod really helped as I had a better chance to hold Riverrun. Stark and Baratheon set up an alliance, as Stark was new to the game and spent some time powering up. Baratheon and Tyrell began to fight each other, with Tyrell and Lannister having a cordial peace.

I managed to sink Greyjoy’s fleet, and then take over Pyke. Baratheon started to gain an advantage over Tyrell, and Stark took Flint’s Finger and Crackclaw, putting both him and Baratheon within winning range. A wilding attack happened, and for some reason everyone bid zero tokens except for me, (everyone was being cheap) and it actually broke through. Stark held the throne and decided to hurt choose Greyjoy to take the 4 points of muster damage, which was the end of his remaining fleet and really crippled him. I decided to back a weaker and enraged Greyjoy against Stark, and he managed to hold off Stark’s move south with the Theon Greyjoy card.

By this point it was about turn 6 or 7. We all had no power tokens left except for Baratheon’s one, and a bid came up. He set himself first, his ally white second, the weakened Greyjoy 3rd, myself at 4th, and his enemy Tyrell 5th, on all the positions. It was quite an artificial looking lineup.

Baratheon used his new high positions to take the Reach and other Tyrell territory. At the same time, the Baratheon – Stark alliance broke down, and they fought over Crack claw point.

While Stark was busy south, I moved took Flint’s Finger and took out Stark’s navy in the west, while Greyjoy took Moat Cailin and Winterfell. Simon was losing to Baratheon, and made a large Tyrell navy and sent it east to rampage and gain revenge, with no specific strategic effect, but the large mass of it kept taking our Baratheon ships. Stark had been close to winning, but he was now in serious trouble, although he still had a large army in the southern areas. Baratheon on the other hand, took Oldtown, and was poised to win instantaneously on the 10th and last turn. I still had one movement that turn and took an empty highgarden via my ships, and hoped to somehow hold it against him. However, the clash of kings came up, and Baratheon lost his thrones position, allowing Tyrell to take Storm’s End with one of his wildcard troops in the east.

At the end of a crazy turn ten I ended up holding onto highgarden, and winning the game. Stark decided to plow through Baratheon, using Robb stark twice with a card cycle to take king’s landing and the reach. Baratheon retook King’s landing before Simon’s navy surrounded Dragonstone. By the end of the game Baratheon and Tyrell were crippled, while Stark was isolated. Greyjoy actually had the second strongest position as he now had control of the North.
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