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Subject: Sacrifcing Fun For The Sake Of A Theme rss

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A Maracle
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OverText is such a 23rd centruy fad.
Every so often, you’ll wander into a big box store and they’ll have some decent deals in the discount bin. I guess that should have been my first clue to why they only wanted $5 for The Game of Life in Monstropolis. But hey… how can you say you’re not getting your money’s worth?

Scratch that. I want my $5 back.

Initial Thoughts

The Game of Life in Monstropolis is a stripped down (most of the good parts, that is) version of The Game of Life. Since there are no real serious decisions in this game, you “watch it” instead of “play it”.

Object Of The Game

Take you little plastic card to the end of the path and hope you were lucky enough to get more money than the other players when they finish..


Inside this box you are treated to a board, 4 plastic car pawns, several stacks of cards for various things (i.e. Job, Pet, etc.), some play money (referred to as “hollers”… hardy har har), some plastic bits to place in various spots on the board to create the 3-D effect, Life tiles and a rulesheet.

There is nothing much to really be inspired by the game in terms of looks. Even the chance at having some great Disney/Pixar art on the cards is missed.


Gameplay is pretty much “spin and move”. Each space will have to perform a particular action, but there are no real choices here.

There are a few areas around the board where you will be asked to STOP and perform an action before spinning again. Some of these actions are:

      (a) Picking a pet [no bearing on the end game, but it costs you cash].
      (b) Picking a home [worth cash at the end, but you have to pay its rent if you land on a rent space].
      (c) Picking a job [Determines how much pay you will get on pay day. Unfortunately, there are very few job cards and you will see them all in the matter of a few plays].
      (d) Raffles [Pay 100 hollars, spin the spinner and if it matches, you can keep the card which is worth a certain amount of cash at the end].

The game does not end until all players reach the end, which could mean that some players will have to wait until others are finished.

Strategy v.s. Luck Factor

Is there any strategy to this game? Apart from not choosing to buy the Raffle tickets, there isn’t much.

When you are asked to Pick A Pet/House, you are given two choices and you probally want to take the lesser one… unless they are both equal.

Even if you don’t get a great job off the start, you’ll be given a chance to change jobs throughout the game until you get the best one that is left in the deck.

Luck rules the board and even that is pretty slim at times. Spin. Move. Execute action.

Closing Thoughts

I hate this game.

Even Lady X doesn’t like it very much. While the theme does appeal to her, she has all ready “seen it all, done it all” in regards to the cards. I think she has realized that the game pretty much plays the same every single time and it annoys her.

Maybe it is time to send it to the great beyond… or at least a thrift shop.

Recommendation Summary

Wyll's Recommendation: thumbsdown

Fun Factor (5 Point Scale): 1

One Line Summary: A roll and move boardgame you get to watch play itself with a Monster Inc. theme tacked onto it.
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