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Subject: Got Daughters? If So, This Is A Winner rss

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A Maracle
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OverText is such a 23rd centruy fad.
Not to sound biased or old fashioned, but I feel that girls are not traditionally gamers. So, when I find a game that has a girl theme to it AND it fun to play, it is a rarity. Thanks for another discount bin hunt, I manage to grab a copy of UNO – Disney Princess.

Bibby bobbity boo.

Initial Thoughts

UNO – Disney Princess is just one of the many UNO variants created to cash in on a theme or franchise. The basic idea is “draw and play”, but this game has one special card (The Dragon) to make it different from other UNO versions.

Object Of The Game

Be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand.


The components are 110 nicely printed cards and a rulesheet. The cards are full of wonderful Disney art and all the major Princesses as well as Tinkerbell (and a Prince or two) are included. Instead of the standard Red, Blue, Yellow and Green, you get lighter pastel shades of the traditional UNO colors.

This version of UNO has a Dragon card. I’ll talk a bit about that in the Gameplay section.


I won’t really get into detail about the gameplay because it is much like traditional UNO (scoring included).

I will talk about the addition of the Dragon card. During a player’s turn, the Dragon card can be played on any color. Play then proceeds around the table where players attempt to ‘slay’ the dragon by playing a card with a Prince on it (indicate by the picture and a small symbol in the corner). If a player cannot slay the Dragon on their turn, they have to draw a card and their turn is over. Play keeps going around the table (skipping the original player of the Dragon card) until it is slain.

Wyll’s Younger Player Version – Lady X doesn’t really get the idea of scoring or the strategy involved, so we play a version where we do not keep score. Nothing special, but it really evens out the playing field.

Strategy v.s. Luck Factor

With cards and a shuffle, luck will play a factor in the outcome of the game. However, with the special cards and scoring, some thought must be given to what is played and when it is played.

The only thing that annoyed me is that I am often a victim of “The Offspring Factor”. That is when your children feel the need to screw you over or attempt to crush you at any game they play. I found myself playing on the defensive a lot as my daughters attempted to drop WILD +4s and +2s on me every chance they got.

Closing Thoughts

With three daughters in the house, this game is obviously a favorite.

It doesn’t see as much play time as Rat-A-Tat Cat, but it will get my eldest to play and she is not a game fan by any stretch of the imagination. It’s also UNO, which is a game I like to play.

If you have daughters and do not have one version of UNO in the house, I’d recommend picking this up for some fun.

Recommendation Summary

Wyll's Recommendation: thumbsup

Fun Factor (5 Point Scale): 3

One Line Summary: UNO with a twist that is a hit for girls aged 8 and up.
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Luis Fernandez
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guud review! someone give this game as present to me whistle
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