William Baker
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I got a few questions about my first play.
We played 2 scenario: Escape in the truck and then Die Zombies, Die.

1°) Tbh we found Die Zombies, Die pretty boring, as zombies just rolled very low spawn and thus kept on hiding inside and outside of buildings, not sure if anything is planed for such situation.

2°) Does the Car in "Escape in the truck" block Los ?

3°) When you start a scenarion the turn marker is set to 15 for both these scenario. Does it goes to 14 when the zombie start their first turn, or stays at 15 for first turn ?

4°) If I got this right, the 10th years aniversary edition make the "Always Zombie heroes" & Heroes Replenish" default rules (p.5).
When we played the "Escape in the truck scenario", hero players used decoy survivors at the last couple of turn to attrack all zombies away from center and from the one hero carrying key and gas.
That way the center would be free of zombie, and when their decoyed died, new hero instantly respawned on the truck for the 2 heroes conditions and to protected the one heroes filling up truck.
This is legit right ?

5°) On the same subject, when we played "the Die zombies, Die!", the heroes couldnt use that same tactics because they would lose after 2 hero death, so getting a hero zombies when the first hero died made it quite difficult.

6°) Deputy Taylor, Poking around skill, is just that if he rolles 1 or 2 and is OUTDOOR, he can instead of moving. Nothing more right ?

7°) Jeb, one man's garbage skill, the 2 hero deck card he discard are added to the discard pile BEFORE drawing 2 cards at random from discards right? So the card picked can be the one that were just discarded ?

8°)Junkyard is considerated an indoor location ?

9°) Zombie cards that say "play at the start of zombie turn" are played BEFORE drawing, so the player playing them will be able to refill his hand right after right ?

10°) Zombie hero can move throuh wall and also diagonaly through door ?
They have 1D6 as atk by default but upgrade to 3D6 permanently with the "living nightmare" card ?

11°) The "Save the townsfolk" scenario, says "must escue 4 of the townfolks and keep them alive until morning".
I'm not sure what they mean by "Keep the alive", as they are just unplayed cards ?

Thanks for your help
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Tom Swift
United Kingdom
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I think Die Zombies, Die is really intended for learning the rules. Played it for our first game and then never again.

This is from memory, so hopefully someone will correct me if I've forgotten anything:

2) No.

3) The Zombie player places the marker on 15 at the start of their first turn.

4) I think you spawn a new hero at the start of the next Hero turn rather than immediately.

8) Junkyard is indoors.

9) Yes.

10) Yes, and yes.

11) "keep them alive" doesn't really mean anything.
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