Richard Blight
United Kingdom
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Starring John Elton as The Soothsinger

with Queen Jasmina as The Berserker

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So, it seems none of you liked that experimental alliterative stuff I tried a few weeks ago, eh? Tough crowd. Never mind, here’s a classic that should appeal to your plebeian tastes. I’m now out adventuring with my new best buddy Jasmina, who <whispers> is even more psychotic than Xades!

The two of us went to the Trench of Doom,
A canyon deep beneath the Misty Sea.
We hoped that this might lead us to the Gloom
Which Hope and Z had met ere Season Three.
Our starting foes, some lurkers, fell like flies
When Queen Jasmina struck them with her axe.
Then round a corner Elton led: surprise!
A Terror from the Deep stands and attacks.
Jasmina straightway leapt unto John’s aid:
She slew the Terror, and pushed on ahead.
And then his trusty bagpipes Elton played
Our foes fled, ears a-burning, and fell dead.
Three final Terrors waited through a door.
The axes whirled: the Terrors were no more.

And so we moved on to a hidden lair
Wherein there lurked a boss, the Sightless Eye.
Once more we showed that we had not a care
For we resolved to do, or else to die.
We enter: lo! Three beasts with snapping claws!
Jasmina throws her axes: Elton curses,
He stuns our foes, enough to give them pause
And stuns again, but what is even worse, is
Queen Jasmina’s blade; the beasts fall dead.
We move up to a door, and rest, because
We must prepare for what lies up ahead.
Then through the door! Before us is the boss!
Jasmina leaps and swings her axe: in one
Great blow the Eye falls dead: our job is done.

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