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Subject: Faction Overview: Freemen rss

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David Thompson
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The Freemen Coalition (typically shortened to the “Freemen”) is a collection of loose-knit, disparate bands of rebels and resistance fighters united by a common goal: independence from the rule of the Combine. They specialize in guerrilla tactics and unconventional warfare, and they are willing to do anything necessary to achieve their freedom.

The ranks of the Freemen are drawn from anyone who disagrees with the rule of the Combine. Their forces usually consist of a mix of mercenaries, survivalists, bushrangers, outlaws, and highwaymen, held together only by rebel leaders.

The Freemen also often come to blows with Echo, the Erthen, the Order of the New Dawn, and the Soldiers of Light due to the constant battle for scarce resources and philosophical differences.

The Freemen rely on hit-and-run tactics, ambushes, sabotage, espionage, and any other method possible in order to defeat their enemies.


Grenadiers specialize in heavy weapons such as shoulder-fired rocket launchers. Their main focus on the battlefield is to counter heavily armed foes such as the Combine’s ARMS. Due to the lack of guidance systems in most of the weapons used by Grenadiers, the operators must still fire relatively close to intended targets to increase the probability of kills. However, they do not have to have direct line of sight to their targets.


Medics are trained in recovery and medical treatment of personnel in combat environments. While their primary concern is the health of others, medics are also capable combatants. Most medics carry pistols or other light firearms.

Rebel Leader

Rebel leaders are natural born commanders. They earn the respect of the disparate mix of rebels who make up the Freemen by leading forces into battle. Rebel leaders carry specialized communications gear to maintain contact with Freemen strike units. In addition to their leadership, rebel leaders are usually some of the Marauders’ best trained and most experienced fighters.


Scouts specialize in mobility. They usually have backgrounds as bushrangers and survivalists, and they excel in navigating their way through challenging terrain. Scouts are typically tasked with performing deep reconnaissance so they can provide intelligence to rebel leaders. However, scouts are also expected to participate in direct action operations, where they rely on their mobility for hit-and-run tactics. Most scouts carry submachine guns or similar light weapons.


Snipers are expert marksmen who are expected to engage targets from concealed positions and from distances exceeding the capabilities of most personnel. They are equipped with high-precision sniper rifles. In addition to marksmanship, snipers are trained in camouflage, field craft, infiltration, reconnaissance and observation. Snipers carry specialized camouflage paint and use spectrally reflective netting for camouflage.

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