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Brian Drabek
United States
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I have just now really gotten into solitaire boardgames and blackbeard fits the bill perfectly. With plenty to do and a lot of surprises this is a "full" solitaire game with much to offer. Below is a short excerpt (sp?) of one solitaire game that I played that took about 12 hours to play across a span of about 3 weeks time. Most games run shorter than this but this one surprisingly just kept going and going. I have included some different rules that I created to help the game run smoother. Use what you like.

Governor draws:

Eden - Pro - NY
Carr - Pro - Campeche
St. john - Pro - Zanzibar
Richier - Pro - Mocha
Rich - Anti - Calicut
Atwill - Anti - Cape Coast

Merchant draws:

Shipping Lanes 15, 35, 55, 54, 51, 45.

Shuffle cards to begin game

*New Rule: Roll 1d6. 1 - 3 start with a Sloop. 4 - 6 start with a Schooner.

Blood starts with a schooner. Cap'n Blood starts in the same hex as a merchant in shipping lane (sl) 54.

Card = Remove even merchants. SL 54 escapes from under Blood's nose!

New merchant placed in SL 34 in the Caribbean.

Blood rolls 1d6 for a 5 and moves to SL 55.

Cap'n John Quelch arrives.

*New Rule - Dummies always start in ocean with most merchnts. If tie - roll off.

*New Rule - Dummies roll to see which merchant to start on. They always start this way.

Quelch starts in SL 34 with a merchant.

Card = Draw Random Event (shuffled cards). Cap'n Quelch's sloop gets scurvy! -1 combat damage (now 5), scurvy marker placed on it, -2 crew unrest track (now 5). dr6 rolled for captain illness roll. rolled a 2. Quelch is ok. Solitaire rule says that Quelch must attack the merchant in his hex before he can go into port to recover from scurvy.

Cap'n Major Stede Bonnet arrives. Begins with a Schooner in SL 35 (Caribbean).

Quelch attacks a Spanish merchant! Quelch strength = 11 - 3 (merchant strength) = 8. Roll is 4 so prize is taken! Cruelty is 3 so gains 3 notoriety. Ship's cargo nets 65 doubloons to Hold 1. No hostage was taken.

Quelch rolls a 5 and moves into the neutral Dutch port of Curacao and sets anchor to go ashore.

Card = Draw new merchant - 1 merchant to SL 46 (Africa)

Card = Move or Draw Warship. No warship on board to move so one drawn and placed in SL 65. 5 hexes from Blood!

Cap'n Bonnet attacks Dutch merchant. Bonnet strength 10 - 5 (merchant strength)= 5. 1d6 = 9! Merchant escapes and disappears!

Blood decides not to attack British merchant with a 5 strength and runs from the warship. Going to more plentiful waters near Africa. Moves 8 hexes to c24.

Blood uses all movement points to enter Transit Box 6.

Quelch stays in Curacao to recover from scurvy. Scurvy counter removed.

Cap'n Bonnet mvoes 6 spaces to t16 and searches. search = no sighting.

Blood uses all movement points to enter transit box 5.

Quelch refits his sloop one point to full strength.

Bonnet moves 7 spaces to attack the merchant in SL 15

Quelch hoists anchor and sets sail 4 spaces to w20 and searches for a merchant. Search = warship (ws)! ws looms over the horizon and attempt to intercept! Quelch dr6 + speed = 5. ws dr6 = 1! Quelch escapes!

Card = Draw new merchant - 1 to SL 64 (Arabian Sea)

Blood uses all movement points to enter transit box 4 to Gold Coast.

card = new merchant - 1 to SL 44 (Atlantic Ocean)

Bonnet attacks French merchant. Bonnet strength 10 - 4 (merchant strength) = 6. 1d6 = 4! Prize taken! Plus 2 notoriety. Captures 45 doubloons. No hostage taken.

card = draw random event. All cards shuffled. event = place a governor. Pro-pirate governor placed in Bath.

Quelch moves to attack merchant in Sl 44 with a movement roll of 3 (+3 speed) = 6 to hex R16 and escapes from ws!

card = draw random event. all cards shuffled. event - place a governor (again!) - Pro-pirate governor Fletcher placed in Charleston.

card = remove even merchants. SL 46 gone and SL 64 gone. (I forgot what shipping lane recieved a new merchant - sorry).

Blood uses all movement points to exit transit box 4 and stop on hex J6.

card = move ws or draw ws. Ws in Caribbean moved north 5 hexes to hex s17 in Atlantic Ocean one hex from Cap'n Quelch!

Quelch attacks the Dutch (2) merchant in SL 44! Quelch rolls an 11! He neede <= 10 to win. His sloop suffers 1 point of damage and minus 1 on the crew unrest track and ws is only one hex away!

Cap'n Bonnet rolls a 1 (w/speed 3) to move 4 spaces north to hex N8. Next turn he'll attempt to intercept merchant in SL 13. Search proves No sighting.

card = remove odd merchants. SL 13 gone. Poor Bonnet. SL 55 gone, SL 45, SL 51 gone (Both out of Africa) Poor Blood! Merchant arrives in SL 14 in North Atlantic (4 hexes from Bonnet!)

Blood moves west 8 hexes to d5. Search = storm! 1d6 = 4 so blood suffers speed damage of 4 (now at -1).

Quelch attacks Dutch (2) merchant again in SL 44. 1d6 = 6! Notoriety is doubled (to 6) for being damaged while attacking this merchant ship last trun to notoriety is now 9! 25 coubloons captured! Hostage taken! +5 notoriety for this! Now at 14! Hostage from or going to Boston. Torture hostage 1d6 = 3 so Quelch gets info on Boston and hostage doesn't die! What a turn!

Bonnet moves to J10, SL 14 to attack the merchant there.

Quelch's movement roll is a 1 so he can head into a port to refit his damaged ship and sell hs loot. He mvoes S.W. into hex o19 heading for Port Royal, Jamaica.

card = mvoe or draw ws. Quelch moves ws N.W. 5 spaces to hex o14 heading toward Bonnet!

Bonnet attacks British merchant (3) and has to hurry as he sees a ws on the horizon. Roll is a 9 so Bonnet suffers 2 damage (now at 3) and 2 crew unrest (now at 5).

Bonnet tries again. He rolls a 5 and ties the # needed to capture the merchant! Double cruelty (3) for a notoriety of 6 total! Notoriety now at 8! Captured 30 doubloons both holds are filled. Bonnet takes mandatory debauchery and revelry to go +1 on crew unrest track (now at 6). No hostage taken.

card = draw new merchant - 1 at SL 23 (caribbean)

card = draw new merchant - 1 in SL 24 (caribbean)

Blood rolls a 2 and moves 1 hex north to hex d4 headed for Cape Coast to careen his ship.

card = new merchant - 1 to SL 33 (caribbean)

card = draw new merchant - 1 to SL 55 (Arabian Sea)

Bonnet turn skipped to remove Debauchery and Revelry (D&R) counter.

Blood rolls 4 to move 3 North to hex d2.

Blood rolls a 5 and anchors at Cape Coast.

Bonnet moves s.w. and anchors at St. Augustine.

Quelch moves s.w. 5 hexes and anchors in Port Royal.

card = draw random event. all cards shuffled. event = hull damage! Speed damage now at +2 for Quelch.

Bonnet sells booty for 75 doubloons to net worth in St. Augustine.

*New Rule - roll 1d6. If 1-3 dummy pirate declares D&R. 4 -6 he does not.

1d6 = 2! D&R undertaken! Crew unrest now at 7. D&R counter placed on bonnet's ship counter. anti-pirate governor Tolliver drawn and placed in St. Augustine. Bonnet is ousted! Ship counter is flipped, anchor is up, loses one step on combat track (now at 2) 1d6 = 6 for captain injury so no injury. crew unrest dropped 1 (now at 6).

Bonnet rolls a 1 to move 4 hexes south to hex h16 on his way to Havana to refit.

Blood careens his ship for 6 points fixed on speed marker (now back at +3!) Careen marker placed on Blood's ship.

Blood removes careen marker. Blood moved west 1 hex to anchor in hex c2.

Blood rolls a 1 (+3 speed), heaves anchor and moves 3 hexes east, anchors and attacks the Dutch port of Cormantin (1-4). Resolution - Blood ability = 5 + combat strength = 5 + dr6 = 6! for total of 16! Cormantin's port defense strength = 4 + dr12 = 10 for tatal of 14! Raid is successful!
Blood suffers 3 damage and places dutch attack marker on ship. Drew unrest moves down 3 to now be on 4. 3 dr6 to check for injury to Blood = 1, 2, 2. One injury = superficial wounds. All blood's pirate ratings reduced by 1 for the rest of the turn.
500 doubloons recovered from attacking port! all holds full. Gains 4 notoriety (equal to port's defense rating). Cormantin now a zero value port. Blood will attempt to sack the port on his next turn.

Quelch removes D&R counter.

Quelch sells booty for 90 doubloons in net worth. 1d6 = 6 so no D&R.

Card = new merchant - 1 to SL16.

Card = ws intercepts most notorious pirate! Both ws's returned to cup. one drawn and placed in Cormantin hex! Blood is ousted and loses one on the combat track (now at 1). Crew unrest down 1 (now at 3). dr6 for inury = 4 so no injury to Blood. Heading now to Cape Lopez to refit and sell booty. Blood lost the opportunity to sack Cormantin though.

Bonnet moves and anchors in Havana.

Quelch starts refit of his hsip. Combat damage now at 6.

Bonnet starts refit. Combat damage now at 3.

Bonnet continues refit. CD now at 4.

Quelch starts careening. Careening marker placed on his ship counter. Speed now at +3.

Quelch stops careening. Careening marker removed.

Bonnet continues refit. CD now at 5.

Blood moves 8 hexes s.e. to and anchors in Cape Lopez.

card = draw random event. all cards shuffled. event = King's Commissioner (KC) activated! Yes! KC Stephen Baker placed in transit box 1 preparing to enter the Caribbean Sea to hunt down Cap' Quelch! A "1" marker is plaed on the KC to indicate belonging to Blood. Both KC Baker counters placed on space 5 (speed) and 13 (combat strength) in the KC's Display chart.

Quelch ransoms hostage. dr6 = 6! for 600 doubloons! Gains 6 places on crew unrest track (now at 10!) and 6 more notoriety (now at 20!). Quelch will attempt to make Port Royal a Safe Haven next turn.

Bonnet heaves anchor and moves 3 hexes west to attack the merchant in hex d19 (SL 23) (Gulf of Mexico).

Blood begins refitting his ship in Cape Lopez. CD now at 2.

Card = draw random event. all cards shuffled. event = King's Pardon. Portugal Letter of Marque drawn. Blood and Bonnet may anchor in a Portuguese port to obtain a letter of marque from this nation if they can do so before the next random event. Blood anchored already in Cape Lopez so he takes the letter of marque and places it on his ship.

Bonnet attacks French merchnt (4) in SL 23! Bonnet strength 10 - merchant strength 4 - need 6 or less to win prize. 2d6 = 6! Bonnet gains 3 notoriety (now at 11). 100 doubloons taken . Hold one now full. Must take mandory D&R. Crew unrest now on 7. D&R counter placed on ship counter. Did not take a hostage.

card = remove odd merchants. SL 55 gone. SL 33 gone. New merchant placed in SL 32, hex p24 in Caribbean Sea.

card = draw random event. all cards shuffled. event = Place a Governor. dr66 = 54. Pro-pirate governor Phips takes command in the African port of Kilwa.

Blood continues refitting ship. (CD now at 3).

Blood continues refitting ship. (CD now at 4).

Quelch makes Port Royal a Safe Haven by paying (dr6 x 100) 600 doubloons from networth. Pro-pirate governor Beeston drawn and takes command in Port Royal. Port Royal now a Safe Haven for Quelch!

card = ws intercepts most notorious pirate. ws blockaded Blood in port at Cape Lopez! -1 penalty on crew unrest (now at 2).

* New Rule - 1st sentence in Rule 14.3 should be moved to begin rule 13.5 and stated if ws not same nationality as Port then ws may blockade.

(end of game example. I hope that this excerpt helped to show the unique and fun game that Blackbeard is. If you don't have this game you are really missing out! Buy It Now!)

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Michael Gilbert
United States
New Jersey
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Re:Session Report
Thanks, I enjoyed reading the example.

I've played this game several times (usually with 3-4 people), with varying degrees of enjoyment. I've never tried to play solitaire, though.
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