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Subject: Phasing in zombie types incrementally during a mission rss

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Stephan Beal
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This past weekend i held my fourth annual Easter Zombicide Marathon and came across a trick to spice up generic scenarios a bit which i thought was worth passing along...

My Zombicide sessions are almost exclusively generic "grab the tokens and get out" missions, and i tend to set up a 2x2 or 3x2 board and play several sessions on it, varying the layout of the spawn points, how certain spawn points (de)activate, and similar variables. What i had never done, though, until this past weekend, was incrementally change my spawn deck...

Seeker zombies (from Angry Neighbors) have historically been responsible for killing more of my Survivors than any other zombie type because they're unpredictable and can activate at "highly unfortunate" times and in "highly unfortunate" combinations. i like to include them because they add some enjoyable tension to the game, but i also dislike them because an unfortunate string of Seeker activations can eat a whole team of Survivors in a single Zombie Phase. Rather than include all 12 of the Seeker cards in the spawn deck at once, i got the idea to incrementally add them, slowly increasing the tension as the team progressed...

My spawn deck started out with Season 2 plus TCM. For each colored (non-red) token the team collected, 2 Seeker zombie cards got shuffled into the spawn deck. When the 5th (final) non-red X was discovered, the 4 remaining Seekers were mixed in.

i've since played 3 sessions with that setup and i really like how it's worked out. Early-game there's no risk of a triple-activation, but late game they're just as dangerous as they normally are.

There's no reason this has to be limited to Seekers, of course. Rather than using an S2/TCM mix, it might be interesting to start with a plain S1 deck and incrementally add in, say, 4 cards from a mixed deck of Toxic Crowd (Toxic zombies (Box Set #2)), Angry Zombies (Berserkers (Box Set #3)), and Seekers. That's a total of 6 + 6 + 12 = 24 cards. Mix those up and set them aside as a separate deck, then mix in the top 4 (or so) cards into the main spawn deck every time a certain scenario milestone is reached (in my case, finding a non-red X token). When the last milestone is reached, mix in all remaining cards. A "milestone" could be a mission-specific mechanism or something as generic as reaching a new threat level.

Obviously, the only limit on the exact mix of zombies is one's own preferences.

i'd be interested in hearing others' experiences with this approach, as well as variations on it.
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United Kingdom
West Midlands
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Really, really like this method. I must admit, my Skinners rarely come out because I tend to play Zombicide with casual/non-gamers and I do not want to overwhelm them with too many different rules to remember, but adding them incrementally like this seems a perfect solution.

Might have to crack it out this weekend for another game now!
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