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Subject: Session 4 - March (Early) - Spoilers rss

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Cassandra Thompson
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Posting this out of order.. while I remember

Bill - Quarantine Expert, Cass - Researcher, Lucy - Medic, Kristelle - Dispatcher.

We made a pretense of discussing which characters we thought would suit. We set them all out in front of us, the QE was a given as the ability to halt outbreaks from a distance is invaluable (especially with the CODA mutations). We never play without a Medic, as the ability to quickly clear cubes is also invaluable. Then the researched has a relationship with the QE, making them a powerful team to have on the board, and finally coupled with the dispatcher we have a mobile team that can move cards around...

Then of course, Lucy took the Medic, she has played it in every game and is comfortable with the character, Kristelle took the Dispatcher because it is her favourite, Bill loved playing the QE last game so wanted to play again, and I adore the researcher...

So basically.... we just all played the characters we love.

How it played out

Spoiler (click to reveal)

There was some apprehension coming into the game... Lucy actually had a cold which we felt was ominous, and when she sneezed all over the board* there was whispers of it being game over before we had even watched her demonstrate her most awesome card shuffling techniques. For the second month in a row the initial setup was in our favour. We had an outbreak in Atlanta (our CODA disease) which was quickly dealt with using a combination of a remote quarantine by our QE and shortly after with a funded event card to removed Atlanta from the deck completely. We had a few single cubes in the yellow area, but otherwise the majority of our cubes were in the red area, and thankfully we had a research centre nearby.

We are only new players to the game (for most of us, this game was our 4th or 5th game) but having the disease cubes in a single area at the beginning seems to make it easier to quickly deal with them. Especially as our Media has an upgrade to allow her to treat a disease remotely once per turn.

The game went pretty straight forward after that, except for the teenagers that had tagged along thinking they would also get to play - We set them up with Unstable Unicorns: Chaos and Pizza instead - and a couple of 3yo kids that didn't understand "mummy and daddy are playing a board game now"

Military bases are available to us now, but we didn't play them at all, prefering to play to our strengths. It may be in the future, as we find ourselves wanting to bench players or try a different strategy, that they are used. But for now the combination of QE/Medic/Researcher/Dispatcher (and the upgrades/relationships that we have chosen) make for a strong team.

We cured the diseases really quickly, but as we were coming close to eradicating the red disease (in order to complete our second objective) we drew a few black cards came very close to running out of cubes. Everyone diverted to the black area to put out fires before we reassessed. We only 7 cards left in the player deck we did a quick reassess and realised we had a better chance at eradicating the yellow.

Patted ourselves on the back about some well placed research stations and a good use of the forecase event we managed to eradicate it... Though it was with baited breath that we realise we would win next turn if we could just survive the night... We had been in this exact same situation in game 1... and lost.

*The truth has not be allowed to get in the way of a good story, being an actual legit nurse she has a far better sense of disease control than that!

I am loving seeing how much my friends are enjoying this game. It is challenging, we get excited as the end draws near, and I love the cheers of pleasure, or disappointment, as we end each session. I also love the discussion before and after each game as we plan our strategies... which characters will we use, what upgrades will be choose.
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