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Subject: Axis strategy rss

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Paul Lucuski
United States
New Jersey
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After playing 5 games solo and having the Axis win all 5, sometimes as early as 1943 I came up with the following observations. Please feel free to comment if I misrepresented any rules or if you found a way to counteract any of my decisions.

1. Poland should fall easily the first turn.

2.I then attack the Netherlands and Belgium in winter 1940. With a bit of luck both will fall but at least 1 will be conquered.

3. It should then take 2 turns at the most to knock out France.

4. Immediately transfer as much as you can to Poland.

5. When Italy enters if you want another PP move the armor, and infantry, and air to atack Belgrade.

6. Oppose the British naval unit in Alexandra with the Italian fleet whenever possible to hopefully cause a British loss.

7. The objective in Russia is to eliminate more PP then the Soviets can replace. This means in the beginning invasion try to destroy 8PP or more. Once the Germans start capturing resoure cities the Soviets are in big trouble.

8. If the Axis can get the Soviets down to 4 PP or less then basicly the Soviets are finished.

9. If the revolt occurs in Iraq the British are in trouble. They have to get an armor unit there and when they attack they will most likely be attacking across a river, causing them to roll on the 1-3 column. This could tie up the British for several turns.

10. Don't worry about North Africa. There are no PP cities there and the only thing that I can see that is of value for th allies is a base to attack Italy.

11. The Allies can easily invade Italy but most times they will be attacking into mountain terrain which causes a 2 column shift on the combat table. Welcome a chance to tie up 2 or 3 Allied units.

12. Strategic warfare actually seems to favor the Axis. If the Allies bomb and the Axis have 2 or 3 air units most likely the Allies will lose 1 step or even 2. If they lose 2 steps that is the British production for a turn. Most of the time the Allies will get 1 PP point hit on the Germans so the Axis comes out ahead. For German submarine combat the Germans most likely will suffer at least 1 sub hit while eliminating 2 PP. Since it costs the Germans 2 PP to repair the sub and it has to travel back to a port the Germans may be losers in this area.

13. If the Germans can conquer enough Russian PP cities then they can be getting 12 or move PP each turn. Several games I found that I had more Axis PP than I could use.

14. If the Allies invade use your 3 forts along with 2 land units to form an almost inpregnable westwall.

15. The only time that the Allies won was when they broke through northern Italy and on the armor turn moved into an undefended Berlin.

I am really enjoying this game. One main reason is to be able to fight the war in a reasonable amount of time. Again fell free to comment on any of my observations.

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Tim Gordon
United Kingdom
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Mysterons - my kind of club...
I don't have my copy yet so I can't comment on the points you raise, but in the interests of the opposite perspective, how about you now solo 5 games as the Allies?
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Jon Compton
United States
La Plata
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This sounds like a good Axis strategy.

Couple things to check on, make sure you're playing fortresses correctly (in the previous edition someone commented on ease of playing Axis, but were playing these wrong, which changed things a lot). Also, the rules are confusing about the production that comes out of Poland; some interpret that you get 2 points (one for Warsaw and one for the pact). This is incorrect, only one for Warsaw. Lastly, double check the combat rules, as sometimes folks misinterpret aspects of them with respect to losses vs. who wins.

I agree also that you might try playing from the Allied perspective, as there may be some strategies there that you haven't recognized yet.

Lastly, if the game still looks more favorable to the Axis, try adding some optional rules to even it up.

Glad you are enjoying the game! I look forward to your further reports!
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