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Subject: Excellent game, simple and yet, full of possibilities! rss

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dabiglulu duh
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Scott D has already done a good thorough review, which I find really complete.
On my part I'll try to concentrate on players's impressions I have collected during the game sessions and I'll conclude by telling more about the campaign mode.

I have played with all kinds of players: hard core players, casual players, people who were not especially keen on engine building games, my wife, my son, people who are no that good at drafting games, people who enjoyed party games and interactions...Everybody eventually ended up having fun ! All of them were also immediately drawn by the illustrations. They are large enough to enjoy the artwork and the cards are easy to read and understand.
To me, it's an important point, some games hardly make it to my table precisely because people (or I) don't like the artwork.
(calculating my victory points)
(solo set up)

The game works fine in all configurations, from solo play to 5 players games. And NO, it's not the typical X minutes per players. NOT AT ALL, A solo game can take up to 30 minutes to play and expect a session of about 1 hour for a 5 players game.
Of course it depends on the type of players you have at your table but generally it will not take that much longer.
If your gaming group suffers from analysis paralysis, at least it lets you time to polish your tactics and your production of ressources
This is definitely a good point since you can quickly play several games and you often feel the need for revenge if things went wrong for you during your first game.arrrh

The mechanics are simple enough to make any kind of player enjoy their first game. It's not a frustating game in which you plan carefully your production and then realize that you have totally messed up. There is always a way to fix your miscalculations.

Another positive point is the rulebook : It is easy to read and it is very well written. Once you’ve read it, it will be easy to come back to it and check on some rules. Anyway as I said earlier, the rules are simple enough so you won’t probably need to open the rulebook that often.
This is an important point for me, since some editors don’t seem to care to write a good rulebook nowadays.

That being said, let’s dwell a bit more on the « rewarding » aspect of the game. What I like the most is that it's very easy to do / produce / accomplish / build something in this game. You always have the satisfaction of never being stuck.
During our sessions ALL the players always ended up with their ressource engine complete! Building all your cards (weapons, facilities...) and distributing all your ressources won’t necessary make you the winner (but helps a lot though), but even if you lose, it is far less frustrating than finishing a game with half-built nuclear plants, recycling facilities or half explored lands.
Another thing is that if you think you have messed up during your first turn, it's not difficult to catch up with the other players and eventually win.
(2 players game)

You need to constantly adapt your strategy with the ressources you are able to produce and the buildings you need to build and the way you plan to score.
It’s always interesting to plan on scoring with the factories during one game, and trying another strategy and scoring using the military buildings or science during your second game. You can even mix 2 or 3 ways of scoring if it pleases you.
For example you can try to score with your science buildings and with the exploration cards. You can also try to score with the financial buildings in order to block one player who seems so eager to get all those banksdevil... So far I haven’t been able to find one way to win (which is a good thing btw), there are multiple ways of scoring and winning.

Earlier I mentioned the types of players with whom I have played because some of them were not that interested in this kind of game because some wanted more interaction between the players, others wanted more complex mechanisms, others wanted more competition between the players...Well, they all ended up telling me they enjoyed their (standard) games AND they were all super hyped by the campaign mode after I had introduced it to them...sooo...

We played 2 scenarios of the campaign mode « war and Peace ». I don’t want to spoil too much but I can say that this mode is by far my favorite (this game mode will only be possible and interesting with a minimum of 3 players):
- It’s more complex because every scenario adds a small new mechanic.
- At the end of every scenario, depending on the way the players finished the story, they end up getting a new card to be added to their hand for the next scenario. This card also adds a new small mechanic.
- It’s sort of a legacy game but without any destruction or permanent change to your game, since you can reset the game to it’s original form by removing the cards you added during the campaign.

During some scenarios there is a semi-coop mechanic, there are hidden roles, you can sabotage the production of other players, you are rewarded differently at the end of a scenario depending on the conclusion of your scenario. The winners don’t get the same cards as the other players for the next scenario...Man, we had a blast, the guys who had wished there was more interactivity, more competition, more asymmetry between the different nations in play were totally hyped after playing the campaign mode !

Time to conclude  :
The artwork is beautiful, it fits the theme perfectly
It’s easy to learn and teach
The standard mode works in all configuration of players
It’s not a party game so don’t expect too much interaction
It’s not a long game, it’s rather quick actually
The campaign mode is perfect if players want more challenge because of the different little mechanics it adds to the standard game.
The campaign mode is more immersive
The campaign mode looks like a legacy, but there is no destruction of cards and you can reset the scenarios and start over again.

It’s a great game, it will very often find its way to your table since the set up is quick and it will easily be accessible to all kinds of players.
I have had a great time playing, testing, teaching this game and I warmly recommend it.
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Abram Towle
United States
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Just heard about this game today - thanks for the review!
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Martin M
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It's a Wonderful World playtest yesterday, very beautiful game, accessible and full of strategies. Can not wait to discover the campaign mode.

Martin Montreuil
La Société des Jeux
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Olivier Karsenty
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Great draft game ! I can t wait to pledge it all in ^^ i played it and it s very addictive, you want to play several games in a row to perform the strategy.
I m an huge fan now !
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