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Subject: An Okay Game That Was Meant To Embarrass Me rss

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A Maracle
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OverText is such a 23rd centruy fad.
Someone told me that while it is nice that I focus on children’s games and games from my childhood, he mentioned it would be nice if I did something else.

“Why?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t like kids games or the games you play.” he says.

“Why don’t you write a review then?” I ask.

“I can’t write.” he says. “You do it better.”

I thought about it and then I remembered a mantra that I have about such situations: If you don’t want to be asked to do something again, totally mess it up the first time.

All right. Here we go. Let’s talk about a little game called Password.

Initial Thoughts

Password is based upon the once-popular 1960s/70s gameshow. It is a word guessing game that can break up marriages, make grown men cry and keep countries from winning wars.

Okay. Maybe it isn’t all that, but it is a game that can cause some frustration and a bit of laughter.

Object Of The Game

The team with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins.


Inside the small box is a large stack of cards with words written on them in blue. Obscuring the words are red freckles. Each team gets a “decoder” (a piece of plastic the card slips into with a red window that removes the freckles).

Most versions I have played come in a red box, with red “decoders” and white cards. We can safely skip the art comments.


Once the teams have been selected (two players on a team), the game begins with the selection of a word. One player will see the word and attempt to get his partner to guess it. This is done by giving his partner one word clues. So for example, if the word is “cow”, a player may give the clue word “hamburger”.

You can see why I sucked at this game.

Once the word is guessed, points are awarded based upon how quick the word was guessed. After a certain number of words have been guessed, the points are totaled and team with the highest score wins.

Strategy v.s. Luck Factor

The only bit of luck in this game is the word list. You do not know what is going to come up.

As for strategy, there is a trick that can give you an edge. By using an inflection (re: tone) in your voice, you may be able to give you partner an indication you are looking for the opposite of the clue word.

It all comes down to how well you think like you partner. If you get someone who has no clue how you think or has a weak vocabulary, you’re pretty much sunk.

Let me tell you a quick example of game play with the “no clue how you think” scenario. Let’s take two people… say my brother and I. Here is how it played out:

My brother looks at the decoder and smiles triumphantly. “Bow” he says with a smile.

Without missing a beat, I bark as fast as I can “jangles!”. (I was thinking “Bo”).

My brother looks shocked and then dumbfounded. It turns out the answer was “arrow”. To this day, he stills takes about.

Quote from Wyll’s brother: “I don’t know what bothers me more. The fact your thought ‘Jangles’ would be an answer or the fact you thought I would give “Bo” as a clue.”.

Wyll’s Password Drinking Game – Watch Password on the Game Show Network. Take a drink every time the following happens:

(a) A guest star is announced that you have never heard of.
(b) The winner makes less money than you made at your summer job.
(c) Someone appears wearing an article of clothing that was “in” when your parents were young.

Closing Thoughts

It is a nice little party that some adults may find fun, but I would much rather play Beyond Balderdash. I think I am going to have thumb downs this one.

The game is simple and so are the components, but some players may be at a disadvantage when playing (some of the older versions of the game had words that I have never heard anyone use).

If you’re looking for some quick and fun, I’d pick this up on the cheap at a thrift shop. Otherwise, give it a pass.

Recommendation Summary

Wyll's Recommendation: thumbsdown

Fun Factor (5 Point Scale): 2

One Line Summary: Word guessing game meant to embarrass Wyll (j/k)… Word guessing game based on an old gameshow that is best played with ages 10 and up.
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