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Subject: Belikowo Pocket AAR (lots of photos) rss

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M St
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This is the EFTL Belikowo Pocket Basic scenario. I retrieved my old EFTL copy from storage last year and found that 20 years ago I wrote "Forget it!" into the margins of that scenario, unfortunately without any comment as to why. Obviously we found it tough going for one side or the other. So I decided to try it out. I'm adding the combat and morale detail, color-coded by side for those who want to see the specific effect, everyone else just focus on the black text.

The two initial German companies (B/2 and C/3) enter on roads 1, 2, or 3. Since the Soviets can't exit from 1, we'll choose 2 and 3. The German reinforcements come in on road 4.

The 3 Soviet battalions can enter from roads 3, 4, or 5. There's actually little benefit in entering through 4 and 5. Either side gets 1 VP for an eliminated enemy unit but the Soviets get 2 points for every unit that escapes off map via roads 2, 4, or 4.

There seem to be two basic Soviet strategies: go west and try to exit near 2/3, so that the reinforcements from road 4 have a hard time getting into the fight. Or push towards 3 and 4 so that the units from road 2 cannot get there in time.
This means that the Germans will actually prefer to enter on road 3 and swing to wherever the Russians try to get through.

Urbanization is normal [DR6], Area is Arid [DR2], and Contour is Flat [DR1].

Turn 2: The Russians move forward, but stay out of visibility range (8 hexes). B/2 moves westwards, C/3 towards the center.

Turn 3: The 6th Brigade activates C/3/6 (a Seasoned company). At 5 hexes, the spotting number is 2. The first unit spots [DR3], firing has no effect [5-5+1(road)+1(5hexes), DR 13->15, Hit+2, MC7->9, pass!] The second unit spots [DR5], fires [+2, DR8->10, Hit, MC, 9, pass!]. The Germans pass morale checks twice!

The Russians try to activate A/3/6 but the Germans interrupt with B/2. A C/3/6 unit is automatically spotted and [5-4+1(distance)+1(stacking), DR12->15, Hit+12, MC 11->13] suppressed. The second unit fires at A/3/6, spotting automatic and resulting in a kill [5-4+1(range)+1(green)+2(stacking, DR13->17]. Being seasoned, it's a quick kill. Fires again [now at +3 (reduced stacking), DR13->16, Hit+2, MC8->10vs6] and suppresses a second unit. The third unit shoots at B/3/6, spotting is automatic [5-4+1(range)+1(green)+2(stacking), DR10->15, Hit+2, MC8->10] and suppresses the target.

3/6 is now pretty much screwed, but its remains barge forward. 1/6 makes a break in the same direction. 2/6 is ordered to try and break through between roads 3 and 4 since its way to join the others is essentially blocked.

A C/3 platoon spots A/2/6 [DR5 at range 6], fires [5-2+1(green)+2(stacking)-2(move), DR 13->17] for a kill (and quick kill), fires again, [DR10->14, Hit+1, MC 9->11], Suppressed as A/2/6 fails morale [DR7 vs 6].

Soviet unsuppression: A/3/6 -2 fails [DR4], C/3/6 succeeds [DR8], B/3/6 fails [DR5]. Shaken: A/3/6 no [DR6], A/2/6 no [DR 2].

(I don't remember exactly when Separated markers are placed; the two companies of 2/6 obviously are Separated now; in fact I forgot to place the markers after the previous turn when they were already one hex too far apart.)

Turn 4: The 6th Brigade activates B/3/6, B/2 interrupts but so does 6th Tank, and activates B/3/6 after all. A/3/6 fires at the adjacent B/2 platoon. Spotting is automatic [5-4+1(road)-1(Green)+3(adjacent), DR 9->13,Hit+1, MC6->7, pass] but no effect as the Germans pass a morale check. The other platoon also fires [DR8->12, Hit+1, MC 9->10] and suppresses the target. The third unit fires at the next platoon, one hex further away [spotting 4 DR6->9, Hit, MC3] but the Germans pass the morale check easily. Oh, oh, the Russians shots are largely wasted.

Now B/2 fires at the A/3/6 platoon [range 3, spotting automatic, 5-4+1(green)+1(range), DR12->15, Hit+2, MC4->6, pass!] and the Russians likewise pass! The last tank fires at B/3/6, spotting automatic [5-4+1(green)+2(stacking)+2(range), DR11->17] resulting in a kill.

C/3 hurriedly leaves its position in Leniwka and moves westwards to support B/2. A/2 and B/1 come on map to intercept 2/6.

Unsuppression checks: A/2/6 [DR5] fail. B/2 [DR5] pass. A/3/6 [DR3] fail. B/3/6 [DR7] fail.

Shaken: B/3/6 yes [DR10 vs 5]

Turn 5: The 6th activates C/3/6, and interrupts with the Command card. C/3/6 shoots [5-4+1(road)+2(range), DR 9->13, Hit+1, MC3] but again the Germans pass their morale check. The dice are not with the Russians! The second unit fires [DR13->17] finally a kill! And a quick kill, so it fires again at the next B/2, at 1 less for range [DR 13->16, Hit+2, MC4->6], again the Germans pass their morale check.

Now B/2 gets to activate, fires at the A/3/6 tank that could escape [5-4+1(green)+1(range), DR10->13, Hit+1, MC 5->6 vs 6], and they do pass their morale check. The second unit shoots at the same tank [DR5->8], a miss. Luck seems to be turning.

C/3 goes for the same tank, which might be bad with so many KV-II's around, but so what. Range is 6, [5-4+1(green). DR13->14,Hit+1, MC 9->10] and it is suppressed. The next unit fires at C/3/6, range 6 [spotting still automatic. 5-4+1(stacking), DR11->12, Hit+1, MC4->5] the Russians pass, the last platoon tries again [DR15->16, Hit+2, MC5->7] another pass!

To the east, A/2 takes on the moving platoon of A/2/6 [3-2+3(adj)+1(green), DR10->15, Hit+2, MC7->9, fail] and Suppresses it. The next platoon fires, 2 less (for range and suppression) [DR 11->14, Hit+1, MC10->11] but eliminates the Russians.

Morale check phase: The Separation marker is moved to A/2/6 from B/2/6. A/2/6 fails [DR7 vs 8->1]. A/3/6 succeeds and becomes Seasoned! [DR2]. Second A/3/6 succeeds [DR2 vs 2] and also becomes Seasoned! B/3/6 fails [DR9].

Shaken: A/2/6 becomes Shaken [DR12]. B/3/6 remains Shaken [DR6 vs 5]. B/2 remains Unshaken [DR2].

Turn 6: The same game plays itself out. 6th Brigade tries to Activate A/3/6. B/2 interrupts, 6th Brigade interrupts, this time with B/1/6.

B/1/6 fires [6-4+1(road)+2(range)-1(green) DR9->13, Hit+1, MC10->11 vs 7] and suppresses the target! B/2 will be less effective this turn. The second B/1/6 platoon fires, 1 less for range [DR10->13, MC 3], but the target passes.

B/2 fires at A/3/6 [spotting 2, DR4, 5-4+1(range), DR8=>10, Hit, MC7 vs 6] and a platoon is Suppressed.

C/3 fires at C/3/6 [Spotting automatic, 5-4+1(stacking)+1(range), DR9->12, Hit+1, MC7->8], but the check is passed. The second platoon fires, one less [DR13->15, Hit +2, MC12], Boom! The formerly plucky C/3/6 unit disintegrates. However, this was not a Kill result but a catastrophic morale failure so there is no Quick Kill. But this is only one company of six in the vicinity, the still badly positioned C/3 and the weakened B/2 have their work cut out for them.

The remaining units of 1/6 and 3/6 try to get closer to the exit, several exiting the creek, and B/2/6 also moves towards the exit - they have no time. The third C/3 platoon fires Opp Fire at range 3 [spotting automatic. 5-1-2(move)+1(range), DR9->12, Hit+1, MC8->9] but the target passes the morale check. The armored cars race past the tanks of C3 in Belikowo, but are now taken in a pincer by the units of B/1 fording the creek. This brings them exactly within visibility and gun range of the units of B/2/6 on the road but they outnumber them anyway. A/2 approaches the remaining A/2/6 platoon. One is already in range and fires [3-2+1(range)+1(green)-1(suppressed), DR13->15, Hit+2, MC7->9 vs 1], eliminating the target.

(sorry, fuzzy photo)

Unsuppression: A/3/6 fails [DR10, DR7], B/3/6 fails [DR8]. B/2 succeeds [DR7].

Shaken: B/3/6 Unshakes [DR4]. C/3/6 remains unshaken [DR5].</div></div>

Turn 7: Same sequence, the command card is used to activate B/1/6 before B/2. B/1/6 fires [6-4+1(road)+2(range)-1(green), DR9->13, Hit+1, MC3->4] with no effect, but second platoon [DR8->12, MC10->11] achieves a suppression.

Only one B/2 platoon can fire, fires at A/1/6 [5-9+1(road)+1(green)+1(stacking)+2(range), DR14->15, Hit+2, MC9->11, fail] and suppresses a platoon.

The Russians now begin racing units off, to stretch C/3 in both directions. A light tank C/3/6 survivor races off. C/1/6, while Separated, moves into cover in Moltarvoff. A/1/6 activates, this finally drives the Germans to interrupt with B/1. First unit spots B/2/6 [Spotting number 3, 1 for stacking. Fire 3-1+1(stacking), DR13->15, MC4->6] but the Russians pass their morale check. The second unit [DR 10->12, MC11->12] suppresses its target. The third unit [DR11->13, MC 7->8] fails to have an effect. The last unit targets the first target again [D7->6] but misses.

The second armoured car runs off, being the first vehicle to exit.

C/3 finally interrupts the remaining Russian activations. The front unit fires at the suppressed A/1/6 unit [5-9+1(range)+1(road)+1(stacking)+1(green)-1(suppressed), DR9->8] but misses. The other two just close the range. A/1/6 fires opportunity fire at range 2 [6-4-2(move)-1(green)+2(range), DR11->12, MC5->6] but the Germans pass their morale check.

The remaining B/3/6 tank, rather than firing, moves out of the creek.

Unsuppression: A/3/6 fail [DR9,7], B/3/6 fail [DR8], A/1/6 succeed [DR5], A/2/6 succeed [DR5].

B/2 succeed [DR4].

Turn 8: With C/3 in firing range (it's B-rated), even the 6th Tank Brigade HQ can't help. C/1/6 is about to run off though and is basically beyond reach, unless some C/3 unit does not fire at all this turn and moves to block their movement, and at least one accepts Separation . That's what they'll have to do.

One C/3 platoon fires at A/1/6 [5-9+2(range)+1(stacking)+1(road)+1(green), DR5->6] and misses. The others move.

Now A/1/6 fires at B/2 [6-4+3(range)+1(road)-1(green) DR14->19] and gets a kill. The other platoon fires at the second B/2 unit [1 less. DR9->13, Hit+1, MC6->7 vs 5] and Suppresses it.

B/1 fires at the second armoured car [3-1+1(road).DR10->13, MC5->6] but it passes the morale check. Another shot [DR9->12, MC9->10] suppresses it. Another shot [DR15->17, kill] achieves a Quick kill.

The last two Pz IIs of B/1 move forward to cross the creek.

B2 is Shaken [DR7], and the last unit remains suppressed. A/3/6 is unsuppressed, rolls snake eyes, but can't become Veteran within the same scenario having already improved to Seasoned. The separated A/3/6 does not recover [DR5], nor does the Separated B/3/6 [DR8].</div></div>

Turn 9: C/3 opens fire on C/1/6 [Spotting is automatic. 5-2+2(stacking)+1(road)+1(green)+1(range), DR8=>16, Hit+2, MC10] Suppressing the target. Another one fires at the stack, range 8 [DR8->15, MC7->9] for another Suppression.

The third fires at A/1/6 [DR5-9+1(green)+1(road)+1(stacking)+2(range), DR8->13, Hit+1, MC7] but the target passes the morale check.

A/2 also starts firing [3-9+1(road)+1(green)+1(stacking), DR11->8] but the first platoon misses.

The remaining Russian tanks cannot exit any more. All that's left is to fight to the end.

A/1/6 fires [6-4+2(range)-1(green)DR11->14, Hit+1, MC5] target passes the check, another [DR9->12, MC7] same effect.

B/1/6 on B/2 [6-4+2(range)-1(green)+1(road)+1(Shaken)-1(Suppressed), DR14->18] Kills a platoon! The second platoon fires at a C/3 platoon [6-4+1(range)-1(green), DR10->12, MC8->9] but the morale check is passed.

Unsuppression: One C/1/6 passes, one fails. 8,9 A/3/6 passes [DR2] and becomes Seasoned, B/3/6 passes [DR5].

Turn 10: Two units (C/1/6 and B/3/6) escape.

A C/3 platoon fires at A/3/6 [5-4+1(range)+1(road) DR13->16, Hit+2, MC4] but the target passes the morale check. Return fire [5-4+1(road)+1(range)DR6->9, MC5] also results in a pass.

C/3 vs A/1/6: [5-9+1(road)+1Stack+1green+2range. DR7->8] is a miss. The next shot [1 down (range). DR 9, MC7] is a hit but the morale check is passed.

A/1/6 vs C/3: [6-4+2(range)-1(green), DR12->15, MC3] pass. [DR8->10,Hit,MC4] pass.

A/2 vs B/1/6: [3-9+1range+1stack+1green, DR8] is a miss.[DR7] miss. [DR13->10, MC9] pass. Looks like they've all run out of ammunition.

B/1/6 vs A/2: [6-4+1(range)-1(green), DR10->12, MC7->8] pass. Same again, [MC6] pass.

A/3/6 shoots back [5-4+1range DR8->9, MC11] and suppresses the target. B/3/6 [5-4+1(range)-1(green)-1(suppressed) Dr7->6] misses.

End of game, with a turn of furious but completely ineffective shooting on both sides.

In the picture, losses are placed on the track on the turn of their elimination, exited units are left of the track.

Russians exited 4: 8

Russian kills: 3: 3
Total 11

German kills: 7

Russian victory!

This is despite a bunch of what I thought were fairly German friendly dierolls. Of course it could be that my German tactics sucked and I should have kept C/3 closer to B/2. Also, on the 9th turn, shooting at two different units of C/1/6 resulted in two suppressions, one of which was lifted to let the unit escape. Shooting at the same unit would have resulted in a kill, which might have Shaken C/1/6 and prevented the escape, changing the result to 9:8 instead of 11:7.

Will have to try again.

(In case someone wonders what happened to the Litko markers I've been using with Desert Steel, I don't have them where that game was. A drawback to distributed storage.)

This AAR was first posted in the Tank Leader topic on CSW:
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jb jeanba
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So, what did you think of this scenario ?
Do you still think "forget it" ?
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M St
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No, as I wrote, it's now in the "will have to try again" space.
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