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"Come, and trip it as you go..."
"...on the light fantastic toe."
We're running a large auction over the next week with local pickup in New York City (Bronx). Shipping is to the U.S. only, through USPS ground. The auction ends the evening of Monday, May 20.

Large NYC Auction - Over 170 Games for Sale - Ends Monday 5/20

We're also giving 10% off all orders over $100 (including shipping fees).

Some popular and rare titles, many with promos and expansions:

Viticulture Collector's Edition with KS content.
Above and Below, KS edition with promos/expansion content.
Near and Far, KS edition with promos/expansion content.
Glen More 1 ed.
Sid Meier's Civilization with both expansions
Carnival Zombie 1 ed.
Hanabi Deluxe with acrylic tiles
Cyclades with all expansions.
Imhotep with expansion and promos
Archipelago with expansions
The Grizzled with expansion
Belfort with expansion
Tribune: Primus Inter Pares with expansion
CO2 1 ed. with mini-expansion
Speicherstadt with Kaispeicher expansion
Fjords with double components ("Mega Fjords")
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Keith Chung
United States
Las Vegas
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Re: Large NYC Auction - Over 170 Games - Ends Monday May 20
Auction Link: CLOSED - Large NYC Auction - Over 170 Games for Sale

Index of Items

10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower - (View Item)
504 - (View Item)
Above and Below - (View Item)
Agility - (View Item)
Al Rashid - (View Item)
Albion - (View Item)
Alea Iacta Est - (View Item)
Ancestree - (View Item)
Android: Mainframe - (View Item)
Animals on Board - (View Item)
Arboretum - (View Item)
Archipelago - (View Item)
The Architects of the Colosseum - (View Item)
Asara - (View Item)
Asgard - (View Item)
Attika - (View Item)
Avenue - (View Item)
Aviation Tycoon - (View Item)
Before the Earth Explodes - (View Item)
Belfort - (View Item)
Black Fleet - (View Item)
Blackbeard - (View Item)
Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game - (View Item)
Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game - (View Item)
Boxcars - (View Item)
Brew Crafters - (View Item)
Brew Crafters: Travel Card Game - (View Item)
Burano - (View Item)
The Butterfly Garden - (View Item)
Caper - (View Item)
Caribbean - (View Item)
Carnival Zombie - (View Item)
Cartagena: Die Meuterei - (View Item)
Castaways - (View Item)
Castellan - (View Item)
Castle Dice - (View Item)
CO₂ - (View Item)
Cornwall - (View Item)
Cyclades - (View Item)
Dawn of the Zeds (Second edition) - (View Item)
Dice Settlers - (View Item)
Domaine - [listitem=6915612](View Item)[/listitem]
Doughnut Drive-Thru - (View Item)
DragonFlame - (View Item)
Dragon's Hoard - (View Item)
Duel of Ages Set 1: Worldspanner - (View Item)
Einstein: His Amazing Life and Incomparable Science - (View Item)
En Garde - (View Item)
Endeavor - (View Item)
Epic Resort - (View Item)
Ex Libris - (View Item)
Factory Fun - [listitem=6915631](View Item)[/listitem]
Fantastiqa: The Rucksack Edition - (View Item)
Favor of the Pharaoh - (View Item)
Felinia - (View Item)
Fidelitas - (View Item)
Fief: France 1429 - (View Item)
Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats - (View Item)
Fjords - (View Item)
Fortuna - (View Item)
Freedom: The Underground Railroad - (View Item)
Fzzzt! - (View Item)
A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King - (View Item)
Gear & Piston - (View Item)
Gen7: A Crossroads Game - (View Item)
Glen More - (View Item)
The Grizzled - (View Item)
Grog Island - (View Item)
Hamburgum - (View Item)
Hanabi - (View Item)
A Handful of Stars - (View Item)
Hegemonic - (View Item)
Hoyuk - (View Item)
IKI - (View Item)
Imhotep - (View Item)
Island Dice - (View Item)
Kairo - (View Item)
Keyper - (View Item)
Lagoon: Land of Druids - (View Item)
Legacy: Gears of Time - (View Item)
The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game - (View Item)
Lost Legacy - (View Item)
Mamma Mia! - (View Item)
March of the Ants - (View Item)
Mare Nostrum: Empires - (View Item)
Maria - (View Item)
Marrying Mr. Darcy - (View Item)
Martian Dice - (View Item)
Meduris: Der Ruf der Götter - (View Item)
Merchants of Araby - (View Item)
Mint Tin Pirates - (View Item)
Mission: Red Planet - [listitem=6915734](View Item)[/listitem]
Montana - [listitem=6915739](View Item)[/listitem]
Morels - (View Item)
Musée - (View Item)
MZM: Midnight Zombie Marathon - (View Item)
Near and Far - (View Item)
New Dawn - (View Item)
New York 1776 - (View Item)
Norenberc - (View Item)
One Night Ultimate Vampire - (View Item)
Onward to Venus - (View Item)
Oregon - (View Item)
Pagoda - (View Item)
Patchistory - (View Item)
Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League - (View Item)
Pirates 2 ed.: Governor's Daughter - (View Item)
Pirates! Card Game - (View Item)
Piratoons - (View Item)
Power Grid: The Card Game - (View Item)
Puerto Diablo - (View Item)
Queen's Architect - (View Item)
Raiding Parties: Brethren Of The Coast - (View Item)
Railroad Barons - (View Item)
Res Publica - (View Item)
Rise of Tribes - (View Item)
Risk: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition - (View Item)
Risk: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition - (View Item)
Rivals for Catan - (View Item)
Road to Enlightenment - (View Item)
Rocky Road à la Mode - (View Item)
Roll For It! - (View Item)
Saint Malo - (View Item)
Samarkand: Routes to Riches - (View Item)
Scoville - (View Item)
Shadowstar Corsairs - (View Item)
Ships - (View Item)
Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game - (View Item)
Singapore - (View Item)
Sobek - (View Item)
Sola Fide: The Reformation - [listitem=6915830](View Item)[/listitem]
SOS Titanic - (View Item)
Speakeasy Blues - (View Item)
The Speicherstadt - (View Item)
Streetcar - (View Item)
Struggle of Empires - [listitem=6915837](View Item)[/listitem]
Sultaniya - (View Item)
Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends - (View Item)
Temporum - (View Item)
Theseus: The Dark Orbit - (View Item)
A Thief's Fortune - (View Item)
Tides of Infamy - (View Item)
Tiny Epic Defenders - (View Item)
Trekking the National Parks: First Edition - (View Item)
Tribune: Primus Inter Pares - (View Item)
TSCHAK! - (View Item)
Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition - (View Item)
Unpub: The Unpublished Card Game - (View Item)
Uruk II: Die Entwicklung geht weiter - (View Item)
Veggie Garden - (View Item)
Viral - (View Item)
Viticulture: Complete Collector's Edition - (View Item)
Washington's War - (View Item)
Welcome to the Dungeon - (View Item)
Wendake - (View Item)
Wildlife Safari - (View Item)
The Witches: A Discworld Game - (View Item)
Witch's Brew - (View Item)
Wyatt Earp - (View Item)
Xanadú - (View Item)
Zombie Dice - (View Item)
Zombies at your Heels - (View Item)

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C Bazler
United States
New York
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"Come, and trip it as you go..."
"...on the light fantastic toe."
Re: Large NYC Auction - Over 170 Games - Ends Monday May 20
Thank you, Keith! I suppose a link to the auction would have been helpful. blush

Just a bump to say the auction ends tonight.
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