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Subject: First play (3 players) rss

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Dawid Tobiasz
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We played Korsun (TiS) in 3 players and the game was really interesting.
I played Germany against two Russians (each commanded one front).

Initial setup

I admit that instead of withdrawing, I tried to defend myself at the starting positions (Ardennes syndrome) in the first days.
Unfortunately, it ended with laps and losses of valuable regiments.
The 2nd Ukrainian Front was unstoppable, and as the 1st Ukrainian Front joined, I was already discouraged and did not see any chance against such a force. The disproportion in the artillery is so large that it refused to counterattack.
2UF made a break in the vicinity of Serdinkow in the middle of my position and crossed the river. On the second day of the assault the front on the section 1UF could not stand and the retreat began. The situation was tragic, and the Russians have already seen victory.
However, the convolution of several accidents radically reversed the situation on both fronts.

1st Ukrainian Front

2nd Ukrainian Front

2nd Ukrainian Front:

After withdrawing from Smieła, which was in danger of being cut off, only the Operational Group (GO) remained there. This GO, with the support of aviation, lasted two days in positions, cutting off the supply of Russian units attacking the SE from Smieła. During this time, the units that retreated had time to strengthen and counter-attack the bridge (by inadvertently allowed to take it). Panzer Grenadier Brigade "Wallonia" blocked the march of the Russians from the directions of Smieła.
The arrived armored divisions strengthened in Novomirgrand and south of him, and only the gathering of almost the entire division in one field stopped the attacks of the Russians. After two assaults on the fortified positions and results of A2-2, the Russians unveiled the concentration of the artillery of the southern front.

Exposed Russian artillery

Two armored divisions moved to counterattack, destroying the artillery (4 units) and circling the armored corps (previously weakened by losses). However, the Russians counterattacked immediately to unblock the corps.

Counterattack, destruction of the artillery and encirclement of the corps

I kept the position, however, it threatened with the transition to positional war and the units withdrew to hit another place. One of the motorized regiments of the 5th Panzer Division, which circled the corps, was cut off behind the enemy lines, but despite the attacks, the back flashed into the unlaced Smieła. The infantry regiment that defended the north passage was also approaching. I immediately directed Panzer Grenadier Brigade "Wallonia" and two Panter companies by a roundabout route towards Smieła.

Stabilization of situation on section 2 UF. The lonely regiment occupied Smieła

I also made counterattacks towards the river in the direction of Smieła, where large losses were inflicted on the enemy because the enemy artillery was behind and the German operated on this area.
The Russian offensive stood and the front commander did not know how to pass the report on the passage to the defense, so as not to lose his head.

1st Ukrainian Front:

After two days of pressure from the Russians, I withdrew towards Winograd, and the continuity of the front lines ceased to exist. To the west of the city at the expense of losses I remained in solid fortifications (with the support of one artillery unit) withstanding the pressure of the half of the front.

An unexplored redoubled west of Winograd. A counterattack was made from this place

After 3 days of unsuccessful assaults, the Russians switched forces towards Bojarek.
In the north it was much worse. Some units were cut off and the Russians began to overflow through the lines. In the direction of Bojarka, I could only withdraw the weakened regiment and, in addition, disorganized. The way to my back was open. The 17th Panzer Division was on the way but still too far. As a result of the operation, a battalion of assault guns was cut off at the rear of the Russians. For this reason, they stopped for one day the offensive in the direction of Bojarek and dealt with this battalion (going back later in the afternoon surrendered as a result of lack of fuel, the day before reaching their own). This error saved the situation on this front. The regiment was strengthened and, with the support of artillery and aviation, stopped the pressure of the enemy corps, and even in the pursuit took the place. The 16th Panzer Division blocked the progress of the Russians from the Bojarek side and north of them.

The lonely weakened regiment stops the pressure of the Russians, which becomes a turning point. 17th Panzer Division on the way to strengthening the position

At that moment, reinforcements arrived and counter-attack at Winograd destroyed the Russian division and threatened the units under the Bojarkami, which began to retreat to stop the breach. Fresh meals, including the 1st SS Panzer Division and the Baeke Group, were sent there.

Counterattack and the threat of cutting off the Russians.
Unfortunately, at this point we had to finish the game. The Russians were depressed by the situation, and I revived. The Russians went to the defensive on every front. A very exciting game and a good game for 3 players. It was also nice to see how the lack of coordination of the fronts enabled support (mainly flipping aviation) of forces against one of them. The mistakes of each party have great effects, and the width of the front and concentration of units in small areas give great opportunities.

End of the game after 11th turns

3rd Armored Division withdrawn to complete. Two stacks are waiting for the organization to be restored. The plans were to direct forces to the vicinity of Nowomigoród and attack the 53rd Army.
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Barry Kendall
United States
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A good report, and thanks for the photos. I like this system, and it sounds as though it shows to advantage in this Korsun game.

There certainly were a lot of dramatic moments that ring true.
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