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bill corlett
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Hannibal ad Portas (HAP) is a light, print and play solitaire game produced by Sutudium CMLXV,looking at hannibal's march on Rome that ended with the Battle of Cannae. each turn the player moves accross a linear map representing areas in Spain, Gaul and Italy, rolling on various table for events, sycj as battle, resupply, attrition, trying to keep their army intact to defeat the Romans in the end battle.

As this is print and play, what do you need? The mapboard and tables are on one A4 sheet, there is an 8 page rulebook, 2 pages of cards (used in place of dice and a 3 page file showing other ways the cards can be used.

I have found that all you need to play is to print the mapbaord, using dice instaed of the cards - which is an option detailed in the rulebook. The rules are straightforward and I just read them on my computer rather than prining them out and have had only to go back once or twice during my first couple of games. All you then need is a pencil and eraser to mark and delete boxes as you play

I did find that on a sinlge piece of A4 that the mapboard was very "busy" but still playable. Therefore my personal choice was to enlarge the file and print onto an A3 sheet and at the same time add a couple of things, the end of battle results table and the dice converter so I did not have to go back to the full rulebook. I also laminated the mapboard so I could use wet/dry erase markers.

Gameplay is straightforward, relatively simple and for all that is very thematic. At the start of each turn the player gets a random number of points to spend on planning, each point used to add supply, intelligence, diplomacy or recruitment. These choices help mitigate potential events in that turn. The player then rolls for an random event based on the area they are in. These events can add resources or take thenm away or mean a player has to fight a battle .

Beforea battle the player rolls dice to determine the enemy strength (Cannhae is fixed)and ten decides whether or not to use up to 2 strategems. These strategems do give you the edge, but there are only 5 andyou canony use that strategem once in a game, so you have to choose wisely. In battle you choose a tactic to use, the enemy tactic is diced for, the results of these tactics cause casuties which on marked off the force boxes until one side has no boxes and is defeated.

After the battle Hannibal will recover some forces, even if defeated, and moves in to the next area and this is repeated until he reaches the Cannhae space where te finla battle occurs. Win that to win the game, lose the battle and you lose.

My thoughts? This is a straightforward , easy to play solitaire game that is admittedly fairly light and abstract and given the number of tables you use to dice on, is in many ways very random. However, it does exactly what it sets out to do, it gives you a one page game that does present the player with some choices throughout the gameplay and plays out in about 30 minutes, Winning the normal game is not that hard once you have played a coule of times, but moving up to the veteran game can be more challenging, but i see no reason why you cannot tinker with the settings to make things harder for yourself if you want to. It is not a game that will major awards but for me more imortantly is that it is a gam ethat plays well, is very portable and is a good way to scratch that itch to play a game in you lunch break or on a journey.

At around £1.50, to buy and buttons to print, I definately recommend this, as one you should try
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