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My Little Man's first real wargame play: Barbarossa Solitaire
Pyrrhus in Italy: alas poor Pyrrhus, I knew him well! shake cool

d10-2 d10-8 d10-0 B.C.
Pyrrhus began the game by marching north with the intent of impressing the southern provinces with a big victory over the Romans in Saminum. With his elephants, Pyrrhus did just that, winning over by the Saminites and the other neighboring provinces as well. Pyrrhus did have an opportunity to campaign more in the early half of 280 but rather than wear his army down more, Pyrrhus decided to await the coming year and prepare to meet the Roman armies coming south. In the meantime, Pyrrhus was approached by a soothsayer who claimed he would regret his tardiness in not marching northward toward Rome. Within a few days, the prophecy came true as word reached Pyrrhus that the Carthiginians were deeply worried about his victory and became active allies of Rome. Mago moved swiftly into East Sicily and tried to catch the Syracusean army outside its walls, but the Syracuseans scurried inside and, oddly, Mago opted to attempt to lay siege to the city. The drain on his manpower convinced him to move elsewhere in East Sicily to conquer the territory by military means. Meanwhile, the Romans contemplated what moves to make next to prepare for the 279 campaign. And all the while, Pyrrhus pondered what to do: drive south into Sicily and defeat Carthage or ignore the threat to Sicily until Rome had been conquered?

d10-2 d10-7 d10-9 B.C.
With the new threat in Italy in the form of Carthage, Pyrrhus went south into Sicily, leaving behind Milon to keep an eye on Italy. Pyrrhus captured Rhegium and crossed into Sicily, defeating the Mamertines and capturing Messana as well. Upon accomplishing all this, Pyrrhus decided to strike toward Lilybaeum in 278, with the goal of defeating the Carthaginian Army, then Lilybaeum so he could then return to Italy and capture Capua, thus winning the conflict! The Carthaginian general Mago spent the year combining his forces to prepare for battle with Pyrrhus. In Italy, the Romans appointed several Proconsuls and moved into Samimium, Apulia, and Lucania. One Proconsul even defeated the bold Milon and sent him reeling back into Brittium. With 279 drawing to a close the question now became: could Pyrrhus defeat Carthage fast enough to then return to Italy and defeat Rome before the Romans built too many legions????

d10-2 d10-7 d10-8 B.C.
As the year began, the Roman Proconsuls began their operations in Lucania and Apulia. Apulia came under the military control of Rome, but Lucania continued to resist. The Lucania Proconsul requested permission from the Senate to leave his province so he might strike again against the Epirote leader Milon, but his request was denied. The Roman field consul drove south with the intent of laying siege to Tarentum. Here is was realized that he only got one operation per year, so his army declined to lay siege, but did remain outside the city. In Sicily, Mago boldly moved against the Syracusean army outside the city of Netum. The Syracuseans wisely avoided battle and went inside the city. At that point, Mago decided to lay siege, hoping to be able to launch a swift assault later in the year before siege attrition set in. In this hope he was not disappointed as his other LAM was soon drawn but, despite having 3-1 odds for the assault, he failed miserably! Two siege LAMs were drawn making his situation look bad, but one such time the Syracuseans took a heavy loss (3SP!) Inside the city. And then, Pyrrhus became active and he cast his eye toward relieving the siege of Netum..... Pyrrhus marched his army to Netum and the Carthaginian commander Mago decided to stand and fight! Pyrrhus attacked savagely, losing all his elephants in the process! In the end, Pyrrhus held the field but, more importantly, Mago was killed! With this success in hand, Pyrrhus marched toward Lilybaeum with the plan to capture the city by treachery. His used all his guile and cunning and, in the end, the city went over to him! In the meantime, the Roman Proconsul for Apulia was granted permission to leave the province by the Senate and he promptly went to Tareuntum to lay siege in the hope of drawing Pyrrhus back into Italy now that the Romans felt they could lay a cunning trap by setting their armies up in such a manner to allow for interception and co-ordination of forces to destroy Pyrrhus. Pyrrhus did indeed return to Italy and raised more troops before marching into Calabria and placed his army to be ready to lift the siege of Tarentum early in 277. The year ended with Pyrrhus ready to fight the Romans again in Italy and needing only now to capture th city of Capua to win the war!

d10-2 d10-7 d10-7 B.C.

The year began with great promise for Pyrrhus. He immediately marched on Tarentum to lift the siege. In a gruesome, fierce some fight, Pyrrhus defeated the Roman army....only to find himself mortally wounded. Thus ended the Pyrrhic campaign. So close, yet so far. The eagle landed, but he never returned home! soblue

Edit note: Yes, for those of you who enjoy the Ancient World Series, Thad and I did make a mistake in allowing Pyrrhus to take Lilybaeum by treachery (it can only be taken by siege, according to the rules). Moral of the story: no matter how long you have been playing wargames, always look carefully at the scenario rules!!!!!!! ninja angry
Oh, well, no biggie: we'll just unleash Pyrrhus again say.....this weekend!
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