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ajp mca
United Kingdom
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Below is the Main Events List (MEL) for a two-player Global War Blitz! game played over 3-4 afternoon and/or evening sessions in the Winter of 2017/18. It is the first of three games we have played so far between then and March 2019. The MEL for each of the others will follow.

Rather than present a short narrative of the game as in most other sessions reports posted, I have followed the structure of the game more. This is how I recorded it at the time for our own reference and to inform other players in our gaming group. The report is therefore a bit longer than the others. I hope it gives more detail on the actions of each Power without being too bogged down in the mechanics of the game. Let me know if you have any comments or problems with this format.

Some of it was written from memory after the "events" concerned, so the descriptions of earlier turns are briefer than later ones and some may be missed out. Where little has happened I have recorded Nothing Significant To Report (NSTR).

We did have one or two problems in interpreting the rules (this may be apparent in the report) but nothing that had a major impact on the outcome or, more importantly, our enjoyment of the game!

Germany / Italy - Attack Poland & Norway. Occupy Algeria.
Japan - Attack Canton
AFA - BEF to Paris; Nth Sea Fleet supt Norway; Med Fleet destroys Regia Marina
Blitz !
Germany / Italy - Poland falls. Bel/Ne falls
Japan - NSTR
Ger / It -More tanks! More planes!;
Japan - Partisans in Peking 2VP
Allies - NSTR

Ger / It - Paris blitzed but no advance; Norway falls; Subs to Atlantic.
Japan - Attack Lan-Chow
AFA - Reoccupy Paris. French and Italian Fleets square off.
USA - LL to Bay Bengal & Atl.
Blitz !
Ger / It - Paris falls!
Japan - NSTR
AFA - Reinforcements transported to Med, 2ND Army debarks in Egypt. Malta Garrison invades and liberates Algeria.
Ger / It - More tanks! More planes!
Japan - Partisans in Peking
USSR - Neutral entry -1 Partisans in Chungking;
USA - Neutral entry -1

Ger / It - Declare war on USSR. Attack Baltic States & Ukr but advance only in Baltic. Battle of Atlantic continues.
Japan - Factory Attack Chungking. Shuffle into and around China.
AFA - Invasion Fleet to Med threatens unguarded Rome - but Italian fleets holds!
USSR - Reoccupy Ukr. Counter attack Baltic. Fleet destroys Ger TRS in Baltic.
USA - LL to US East Coast
Blitz !
Ger / It - It Gar returns to Rome. Again fail to clear Ukr.
Japan - NSTR
AFA - Declare war on Fr NAf. Recapture Algeria - but not occupy Morocco. Italian fleet finally sunk. Milan invaded and occupied by Home Guard!
Ger / It - naval air in Austria!
Japan - Mobile Fleet now big.
USA - 1VP. Neutral entry -3

Ger / It - Milan recaptured. Winter offensive captures Ukraine. Further attrition of RN and convoys in Atlantic
Japan - Slow build up in China continues.
AFA - DoW Near East! Attack destroys Iraqi Army in Persia. Reinforcements to Levant. Occupy Iraq. Bomber Cmd shot down by Luftflotte 2. LL to Artic - but no supply line through North Sea.
USSR - Winter counter-offensive recaptures Ukraine. Unsuccessful attack on Persia.
USA - China attacks Canton. Flying Tigers destroy Imp Navy Air. LL to Arctic.
Blitz !
Ger / It - 2nd Winter Offensive fails. More success in Atlantic. Luftflotte 2 damages & retreats North Sea Fleet
AFA - Attack destroys Persian Army but British 2nd Army unable to advance.
USSR - More counter attacks in Baltic States. Fascists annihilated.
Ger / It - 1VP - Autarky
AFA - 1VP. Partisans in Paris

Ger / It - Same again in Ukraine Baltic States & Atlantic!
Japan - It’s WAR! Invade Borneo & Calcutta after Naval Air successfully Port Strikes AFA Tpt. Successful attack from SE Asia closes Burma Road. Declare war on USSR - attack Vladivostok
AFA - Attack destroys Iraqi Army in Persia. Bomber Cmd hits Paris.
USSR - Counter-offensive recaptures Ukraine.
Blitz !
Ger / It - Same again in Ukraine Baltic States & Atlantic!
Japan - Southern Army Marines & Mobile Fleet capture Hyderabad and Delhi to conquer India! 2nd attack on Vladivostok fails.
AFA - Attack destroys Persian Army but British 2nd Army unable to advance.
USSR - More counter attacks in Baltic States. Fascists annihilated
Ger / It - 1VP - Autarky
Japan - 2VP- factory & CBI
USSR - 2VP. Vladivostok double fortified. Garrison in Irkutsk to protect Omsk res.

Ger / It - Operation Drumbeat - U-boats attack undefended convoys off US East Coast. Panzers storm into Ukraine and this time fend off counter-attacks. Naval Air patrols Western Approaches. Italian Naval Air and subs to Med, but TRS and Aplini Inf do not sail - doh!
Japan - Combined Fleet makes unsuccessful Port Strike on Med Fleet in Egypt from Arabian Sea. MAR sail from Hyderabad to invade Kenya. GAR to Canton. Singapore occupied. Withdraw Army from Pacific Siberia.
AFA - Med Fleet to Med. Damages Regia Marina but retreats to Gib. Army in Iraq disperses to Egypt and Algeria. Bomber Cmd again damages French factories.
USSR - Surprise attack by Byelorussian Front and Sturmoviks takes Persia. Exchange of casualties but no ground gained in USSR.
USA - GAR and TRS rebase to Midway.
Blitz !
Ger / It - DoW USA! High Seas Fleet attacks Arctic LL - USA LL survives. U-boats to Caribbean & NAt - both 1CP damage.
Japan - DoW USA! Combined Fleet PS TRS in Midway - fails. Invades Manila, Java & Hollandia. MAR occupy Pretoria res.
AFA - Med fleet takes control of Med. S Af Inf occupy Persia.
USSR - Byelorussian Front leaves Persia to allow S Af in. Attacks in USSR again inflict casualties on both armies but gain no ground.
USA - Deploy fleets forward to clear Jap Navy from Cent Pac & Polynesia. Air forces to Britain & Med.
Ger / It - Partisans in Ukr!
Japan - 7 Res! CBI VP.
USSR -5 Year Plan VP
USA - Arsenal of Democracy VP

Ger / It - Battle of Atlantic continues 1 CP sunk. Defensive posture in Russia. US Arctic LL sunk
Japan - US TRS in Midway sunk by PS. Mindanao occupied. Co-prosperity Sphere established! Mobile and Main Body fleets sink US Lt CV & subs in Cent Pac. Bering Sea LL sunk. MAR conquer all S Af.
AFA - TRS carries 2nd Army to attempt invasion of Rome supported by Med Fleet and US 8th AF, but beaten off.
USSR - Major attack on UKR beaten off when USSR fails to commit air support. Stukas unopposed in supporting AG Centre.
USA - Pacific and 3rd Fleets clear Jap Navy from Cent Pac.
Blitz !
USSR - Renewed attack on Ukr, this time with air support. Heavy losses on both sides.
Ger / It - Partisans and bomb damage in France!
Japan - CBI & Co-Prosperity VPs

Ger / It - Full strength Regia Marina attacks Anglo-American Invasion force in cooperation with 3 submarine flotillas. US TRS & ARM sunk. British TRS retire.
Japan - IJN unsuccessful PS on US TRS in Phoenix Islands, Polynesia.
AFA - British TRS carry 2nd Army to S Af instead. Bomber Cmd damaged by reorganised Luft Reich
USSR - Major attack on Baltic States drives German units back into Poland - but leaves Smolensk empty! Soviet subs attack Jap shipping in South China Sea - no CP damage.
USA - Fleets to Micronesia. USAAF fails to damage French factory
Blitz !
Ger / It - AG Centre & AG South occupy Smolensk. Waffen SS take Moscow!
Japan - Combined, Mobile & Main Body fleets challenge evenly matched USN & TRS in Micronesia - but losses heavy.
AFA - Med Fleet re-enters Med. Submarines unwisely retire to France. Canadian Reserve Inf invade Hollandia from Far East TRS based in Fiji. RAAF rtb in Hollandia. 2nd Army invades Cape Town.
USSR - Byelorussian Front withdrawn from Baltic to spearhead recapture of Moscow. Waffen SS annihilated!
USA - US MAR recapture undefended New Britain. Invade Marianas Islands. Rout remaining IJN from Micronesia (Zeros eliminated, Combined Fleet size 1, Main Body & Combined retreat to Tokyo). US subs join Soviets in South China Sea but both sunk by Jap Naval Air for only 1CP damage
Japan - CBI maintained but CoProsp Sphere over!
AFA - Britannia Rules the Waves! Size 3 8th Army & MAR with big TRS. 2nd TAC AF in support.
USSR - 5 Year Plan VP. Ukr Front (size 4) in Baltic States.
USA - Arsenal of Democracy VP. Arm & Gar in TRS on Atlantic Seaboard.

Ger / It - Massed U-boat attacks severely damage AFA transports in North Sea. Royal Marines and elements of recently reinforced 8th Army lost. Royal Italian tanks hold Smolensk to cover flank of German Panzer attack on weak, but numerous, Russian forces in Don Basin. Attack unsuccessful but no loss to Wehrmact.
Japan - Garrisons Home Islands. Tripwires in sea areas to allow reaction of air forces to USN incursions.
AFA - Joint invasion of Northern France with US forces fails. Pretoria and South Africa liberated by tanks of 2nd Army, but OOS Japanese Marines still inflict some damage.
USSR - Clears Italians from Smolensk. Attacks Poland from Baltic States. Lack of air support means it is beaten of with losses.
USA - Ill coordinated US attempt to invade Caroline Islands sees the USN suffer a tactical loss in Battle of Leyte Gulf. Japanese Zeros retain a presence in Leyte, thereby maintaining supply to the Truk garrison. US Marines attempt an invasion nevertheless but fail to clear the beaches. US 8th Fleet patrols Mozambique Channel. Joint Western Allies invasion of Northern France beaten off.
Blitz !
Ger / It - Free Blitz and minor reorganisation.
Japan - NSTR
AFA - 8th Army TRS rtb in London before sailing to Med with US 16AG. Joint DoW and invasion of Vichy.
USSR - Set piece attack on German forces in Ukraine is unsuccessful.
USA - 16AG and TRS sail to Med. Invade Vichy.
Ger / It - Partisans in Ukr!
Japan - 6 Res, but still Victory in CBI!

Ger / It - New fortifications and flak defences to Paris. Ill-conceived attack by Finns on weakly garrisoned Leningrad fails badly. Finland now unoccupied.
Japan - Shuffles garrison units around China and island territories.
AFA - First attack on Paris area unsuccessful, but inflicts heavy loss on Germany. TRS supported by RAAF and US 8th Fleet land Inf in ungarrisoned Calcutta.
USSR - Airforce rebased forward. Attacks on Poland and Ukraine reduce German forces but take no ground. Finland occupied.
USA - Attack Paris with AFA 8th Army. Shuttle Marines and naval units to Pacific Theatre
Blitz !
Ger / It - Reshuffle defenders.
Japan - Poorly executed naval and air operation by 2nd Strike Fleet and big Imp Navy aviation allows AFA TRS, RAAF & 8th Fleet to leave Bay of Bengal with only minor losses to Australians (two 1 / 6 splits in air and naval combat!)
AFA - The Empire Strikes Back! Guarded by Med Fleet, TRS embark various S Af & Gar units in Arabian Sea. TRS and 8th Fleet now in Pretoria after escaping Bay of Bengal. Pick up 2nd Army and sail to Arabian Sea. Well-coordinated invasions first capture Hyderabad and then OOS Delhi. 2nd attack recaptures Paris and liberates France.
USSR - More attacks on Poland and Ukraine reduce German forces.
USA - Handbags in Micronesia see USN withdraw to Rabaul in New Britain and IJN to Tokyo. Marine and TRS in Marianas
Ger / It - 2VP as Schnorkel U-boats and Jet fighters appear. So do V-1s for some reason!
Japan - Now 5 Res and no VP
AFA - Now back to 8 Res and up to 3 oil. French 1AG appear in France.

Ger / It - Luftflotte2 RTB Western Germany then rebases to Milan, as does 1st Para. Schnorkel and It subs to N Atl, sinking US LL and 1 CP. Coastal Cmd ineffective. AG South and Centre swap Poland for Ukraine.
Japan - SE Asia GAR reinvades Hollandia. I-boats to Bismarck Sea as a piquet vs USN based in New Britain. Mobile and main Body Fleets to Micronesia. USN Pacific Sqns shot down for no loss. Carriers then support Port Attack by Naval Air that destroys TRS based in Marina Islands with USMC.
AFA - FF Battle Fleet leads invasion force of AFA & US TRS in Med. Med Fleet RTB Calcutta then rebase to New Britain. Support Fl RTB Egypt then rebase to New Britain. 8th Army atk West Germany with US 16 & 12AG, supported by mass Allied AF. Losses on both sides. Combined FF/US atk on Belgium-Netherlands fails utterly. AFA invasion of Rome succeeds, but only 1AB able to land. Indian Armies atk Burma - beaten off with loss to 14th Army and RAAF. Canadian invasion of Hollandia with USN support fails. Bmbr Cmd lost over Milan
USSR - Red Army atk Poland from Baltic States. Casualties but no territory gained.
USA - 5thFl, 8th Fl & TRS, carrying CAN Inf all blockaded in Bismarck Sea by I-boats, which submerge and silently disappear before engaged! Lt CV rebase Egypt to New Britain. 8th AF bombs Milan for 1BP.
Blitz !
Ger / It - Schnorkel U-boats, Luftflotte2 and TRS carrying Para and Gar to Med. Damage FF Battle Fl and sink TRS carrying 2nd Army, but fail to clear Battle Fl from Med. Troops debark back in Milan instead of invading Algeria and Levant!. It subs damage 1CP in West App. Shuffle defenders in Ukr & Poland. Hvy flak to Poland.
Japan - Free Blitz. 2nd Strike to Okhotsk Sea. I-boats to Leyte Gulf.
AFA - Med & Support Fl, RNSS, US TRS with Canadians to Leyte. AFA/US carriers driven off by Zeros + Naval Air. Undefended TRS and US 8th Fl sunk. Atk Milan from Rome support by French Air Army. Both sides lose Paras. AFA solo atk clears Belgium Netherlands.
USSR - recaptures UKR. Poor Ger defence leaves AG North isolated and forced to retreat to Eastern Europe.
USA - 3rd Fl to China Sea. Imp Navy engage and inflict 3 hits for loss 1CP. 5th Fl to South China Sea. Damage 1CP and sink TRS in SE Asia with Port Attack. Unsuccessful factory atk on Austria.
Ger / It - Partisans and Eagle's Nest in Poland. Long War VP
Japan - Long War VP
USSR - Red Navy and TRS appear in Vladivostok.
USA - Successful A-Bomb test.

Ger / It - Shuffle defenders between Poland and Eastern Europe. PzAA to Austria.
Japan - Main Body, Mobile Fleets and Zeros drive US 3rd Fleet from China Sea with loss. Imp Navy & Naval Air do same in South China Sea. Kamikaze patrol Okhotsk Sea. Truk GAR rebase with TRS to Northern Japan from Port Arthur.
AFA - Far East TRS rebase to Marinas Islands. Med Fleet to Micronesia
USSR - Festung Poland falls to dual assaults from Ukr and Baltic States.
USA - USN masses in Micronesia. Invasion of Caroline Islands fails. Attack Western Germany. TRS rebase to East from Europe.
Blitz !
Ger / It - Counter Offensive from Berlin and Czechoslovakia fails to retake Poland. Luft. Reich lost keeping Red Air Forces at bay.
Japan - I-Boats sunk by Red Navy in Okhotsk Sea. Main Body & Mobile fleets to Sea of Japan.
AFA - Far East TRS carries USMC to Sea of Japan. Attack West Germany from Belgium-Netherlands.
USSR - The Hammer Falls! Berlin captured! Waffen SS in Austria damaged. Ungarrisoned Port Arthur invaded from Soviet TRS.
USA - Massed carrier fleets to Sea of Japan to cover invasion. Japanese fleets and Kamikaze driven off but AFA TRS forced to retire too. Attack on Western Germany succeeds! Bonin Islands captured.
Ger / It -2 Long War VP. V2 VP - but too late!
Japan - 2 Long War VP
USSR - 3 Factory VP.
USA - 2 Factory VP.

FINAL VP Ger / It - 8 Japan - 11 AFA - 14 USSR - 15 USA - 17
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Dave LeLacheur
United States
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Amazing game report, thanks!!
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Jim Lederer
United States
Farmington Hills
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Great report. Really enjoyed it.
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