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Subject: Fan-made custom scenarios rss

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Sami Laakso
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Many of you might not be aware about the fact that the game comes with instructions and resources for creating your own scenarios! That's because those instructions are on the last page of the skirmish booklet. I would be super excited to try out your scenarios so I figured it would be good idea to post those guidelines here as well.

The original instructions were written mostly for creating your own skirmish scenarios. I've updated them to cover co-operative scenarios as well. Don't worry, there's no spoilers in any of these!

You can download a template for your own scenarios here. I'll reward each submitted scenario with a bunch of geekgold.

General guidelines

Starting situation of the scenario is vastly important. In Campaign scenarios, you have to take the position of each unit into account as well as which group they belong to. Craft their unique task decks to make the most out of their arsenal!

Campaign scenarios should force players to take action in order to end the scenario in withdrawal. The best course of action shouldn't be obvious and there should be multiple ways to approach each problem.

In skirmishes, the terrain is the most important piece of setup. Drafting gives players the opportunity to plan their strategy. Playing the game is all about executing said strategy via the tactics of the units on the map, trying to adapt to your opponent’s moves. The best scenarios provide nearly limitless possibilities for players to come up with unique strategies and tactics!

The best Skirmish scenarios are balanced so that there isn’t any dominant unit combination or way to manoeuvre those units. This creates high replay value when players are free to try unique playing styles against each other.

Additional winning conditions

The general winning condition for Campaign scenarios is to exhaust both sides by lowering their motivations to 1 or 2 at the same time. Try to introduce additional win or lose conditions. Maybe you want to remove the usual condition all together!

The basic way to win a skirmish scenario is to lower your opposing side’s motivation to 0. The easiest way to do this is usually by defeating enemy units. This can also happen if the game prolongs and your opponent is forced to play their Organising ploy card more often than you are.

Adding alternative game end conditions can create interesting dynamics. Try using those introduced in the Skirmish and Campaign scenarios with new maps and situations or invent your own!

Ideas for additional winning conditions
- Tug of war
- Time limit
- Area control
- Mandatory leader(s)


Just like in real wars, the battlefield is one of the most important things to take into account when commanding your troops – or while trying to manipulate them to form a truce! Try to create interesting trade-offs in your maps which reward aggressive play while creating opportunities for counter-attacks.

We encourage you to create symmetric maps when you first start designing your own Skirmish scenarios. When you have created and played a few, try experimenting with unique starting positions for both sides.

Ideas for terrain
- Choke points with canyons
- Valuable structures with weak points
- Asymmetric starting positions


Events are an excellent way to add tension and surprises to any scenario. Make sure that the effects of those events don't feel unfair to the players. The scenario shouldn't end immediately once an event is triggered and players should be able to react to it afterwards.

While we didn’t include events in our Skirmish scenarios, you are absolutely free to add them into yours. Just remember that keeping them secret from one player can create problems. All players or none of them should know the event.

Ideas for events
- Additional drafts/troops
- New game end condition
- Rewards or penalties with conditions

Closing thoughts

It can be extremely rewarding to create your own scenarios and sharing them with your friends and family. I hope you can too find the pleasure in creating and seeing others enjoy your creations.

Use any components unlocked during the campaign or even invent your own! Go nuts!
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