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Yehuda Berlinger
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During this time we played our game of Puerto Rico + expansions. Here were the available violet buildings:

1/1 Small Market

2/1 Investment Club - This was the broken building in the set. As written, it gave 1 GP per round, and 1 GP extra for each 5 GP on it each round, until you used any of the GP, at which point it was removed from the game. The problem was with the extra GP per 5 GP on it, which quickly grows to 60 GP by the end of 15 rounds. Combined with one of the big buildings which lets you swap excess GP's for VP's, it would have been a disaster. The building is now changed to give 1 GP/round, period. Still a very nice building, arguably better than Small Market, but not a killer. [Why is it sometimes so hard to see broken buildings until the first second one starts playing with them? Corollary: some buildings seem broken until one starts playing with them, when you realize they aren't.]

2/1 Covenience Store - trade a second time (without bonuses). A nice building in 3 player, with limited usage in 4 or 5 player.

3/1 Small Distillery - +2 GP when trading sugar. Not as nice as the 2 cost equivalent for indigo, but still useful at certain times.

4/2 Tobacco Commision - +1 GP/tobacco produced -1 . A specialty factory for tobacco, also of limited usage, but worked well for David K who had all 5 goods an this, and was getting 7 GP for crafting.

5/2 Large Market

5/2 Exchange House - trade goods with Trading House at the end of Trader. useful for retrading expensive goods, or for getting an extra barrel to ship.

6/2 Discretionary Hold - Place barrels into "The Hold" of any full ship, and store up to 3 barrels. The ONLY shipping related building this game. "The Hold" on each ship can contain one item, and several of my buildings relate to it.

7/3 University - cheaper, and comes with a colonist on it.

8/3 Governor's Mansion (2 circles) - 1 GP/colonist whenever anyone else takes Governor. Feels like cheating, but not acually unbalanced.

8/3 Factory - made more expensive

9/3 Construction Crew - Buy a second building (all bonuses apply).

10/4 Reserves - +2 VP/type of good on your board

10/4 Good Works - Swap excess VP's for GP's or vice versa
(e.g. if you have more GP's than VP's, you can swap the excess GP's for VP's, or vice versa). This is abused with the original version of Investment Club. It was bought by Saarya to prevent one of the Investment Club owners from using it.

10/5 Travel Agency - +1 VP/plantation type in your plantation area (including quarries, etc...)

10/4 Cathedral - +2 VP/column that you have at least 2 buildings from

10/6 Transport System - You may move colonists at the beginning of each phase.

All in all, the buildings were excessively building oriented. Tons of money makers, and a few abusive buildings (now corrected). Because of this, or despite this, I decided, after Investment Club, to concentrate on shipping, since I figured I wouldn't have much competition, and I was right, having the best shipping production, and forcing craft and captain whenever I could. I was behind in money (again, not including the investment club, which I cashed in at 14 GP), but the big buildings were gone by the middle of the game. Still, David K managed to pull ahead and win by a few points. Nadine was close behind.
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