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Subject: I Use To Love Monopoly, But Now I See The Light rss

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A Maracle
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OverText is such a 23rd centruy fad.
I have a confession: I am a Monopoly fan.

I know that seems about as cool as admitting you like Monopoly, but I love playing [GAMDEID=1406]. I love the feel of the money. I love fiddling with the houses and hotels. I love spending 2 hours doing nothing except moving in a square, waiting for the algorithm of defeat to play out.

So, it was only natural that I got excited when my eldest received Monopoly Junior: Disney Princess. I thought “Well hey! A scaled down version of my favorite game that should get rid of all the annoying stuff kids hate.”. I could hardly wait to crack it and get playing.

You know? After playing Monopoly Junior: Disney Princess, I’m not so much in love with Monopoly

Initial Thoughts

Monopoly Junior: Disney Princess is a scaled down version of Monopoly. It is a roll and move game with the added attraction of buying property and paying other people rent.

Object Of The Game

Be the person with the most money when the game ends.


Monopoly Junior: Disney Princess has components similar to other versions of Monopoly Junior. Inside you get a board, 8 pawns (representing each 8 different Disney Princesses), 48 plastic castles (12 of each different color), 24 Chance cards and lots of Monopoly Junior Money.

I feel the need to comment on the gameboard. The board is tailored nicely to the theme of the game. It is covered with Disney Characters related to the Princesses with the corners being Monopoly stables (GO, Lunch, Go To Lunch and Spare Change). As well, there is a generous helping of Disney art on the cards, pawns and board spaces.


Once everyone is give a set amount of money and has placed their selected pawn on the GO space, every player rolls the dice once. The person who rolled the highest goes first.

On a player’s turn, they roll the dice and move the required number of spaces. If they land on a character space, they have 1 of 2 options:

     (a) The Character Is Not Owned (i.e. Unowned Property) – The player must pay the bank and buy the property if they have enough money. After buying, you place a castle matching the color of your pawn’s base on the top of the character space to show you are now the owner.

      (b) The Character Is Owned – The player must pay the owner the cost shown on the space (double if the owner has both characters).

There are other spaces on the board (Roll Again, Ursula and Maleficent [Taxes], Chance, etc.) that will require the player to perform a specific action outlined the in rules.

As soon as one player runs out of money, the game is over. All remaining players count their money. The player with the most money wins the game.

Strategy v.s. Luck Factor

There is a little bit of strategy mixed in with the luck of the dice in this little game.

Some Chance cards will give you a chance to place a free castle on a character space. If you own one character, the rules encourage you to place the castle on the second character in the set. This way, no one else can replace your castles (the rules state that when a player owns both characters, they cannot be taken via the Chance card).

Apart from the Chance card, the game does not offer chances for you to make a decision. You do not have a choice when buying a character; if it is unowned, you must buy it when you land on it if you have enough money.

One last bit of advice is to keep an eye on the characters you own and be sure to ask players to pay you when they land on them… or else you’ll be missing a chance to earn money.

Closing Thoughts

I think that one thing this game has taught me is to look at how others see Monopoly and the reason they dislike it so much.

There are some positive arguments that this game teaches children how to count and how to handle money, but there are other games that can deliver that as well in a much shorted time and with better mechanics.

In the end, if you get one as a gift, give it a try. Otherwise, I wouldn’t go out of your way to pick up a copy of this game.

Recommendation Summary

Wyll's Recommendation: thumbsdown

Fun Factor (5 Point Scale): 2

One Line Summary: Another version of Monopoly Junior that lacks the fun of decision making.
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