Brian T
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The dice hate me. Rolled doubles THREE TIMES on Darkness rolls AND rolled a 1 in the final room (epic threat). Fleeing the mines is in order.

Mission failure penalty says each hero rolls twice for travel events


I use Frontier Town where you roll once for travel events for small town, have one guaranteed travel event for medium and have one guaranteed plus roll for one more with a large town.

How would you play this? I’m thinking treat all size towns as large (1 guaranteed with one more possible per hero)?
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Neil Edmonds
United States
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Do you need more card ideas for the D&D Adventure System games?
Here's how I'd do it.

Small Town - Make the travel roll twice (I think it's 1-3). Optionally you could make it 1 mandatory event and 1 random.
Medium Town - Make 2 rolls for each hero.
Large Town - Each hero makes 2 rolls + the variable travel event that could occur.
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