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We're gearing up for our fourth play-by-forum-post game of Blood on the Clocktower, a Werewolf variant that launched on Kickstarter a few months ago. If you're interested in playing this Werewolf style game by forum then simply post your nickname and timezone in the sign up thread below and I'll add your name to the list.

BGG Play by Forum Session 4 - Player Sign Up Thread

If you're unfamiliar with Blood on the Clocktower it basically plays like a variant on Werewolf with the major differences being:

- Dead players aren't eliminated, they continue playing for their team as "ghosts" and have one vote token they can spend to vote to execute someone during the game.

- Every player has a unique character, there are no vanilla "villagers"

- Some characters allow the moderator to lie to players. For example, the Poisoner evil minion can sabotage another player's ability so that it malfunctions without that player being aware of the problem. Thus if an Empath, who can normally detect if their neighbors are evil, becomes poisoned then the moderator can lie to the Empath and give them bogus information about whether the neighbors are evil. Or you might think you are, for example, an Empath who can detect if your neighbors are evil but in reality you're the Drunk who just thinks they have psychic abilities and are being told bogus information by the moderator.

- Nominations and voting work slightly differently than Werewolf, I won't go into them here but details are in the game's rulebook and I'm happy to answer rules and character questions in the signup thread or by private message.

Our first three BGG play by forum sessions went great! We're just looking to fill out to at least seven or eight players and then we'll get started on game four. Based on the prior games I'd expect this one to last about two to three weeks with about one execution vote or nomination discussion or night time activity phase per day.

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