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Subject: In which gladiators get swarmed by Marro rss

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Tom Chappelear
United States
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Well, I asked if anyone had a session report for Swarm of the Marro. Looks like I'm gonna have to do all the work around here...

I found SotM for $30 at my local Target, and I obviously couldn't resist. I now have picked up two old Master Sets for $20 each, the Castle and Tundra expansions for half price from Amazon, and a couple of boosters for $5. My son just turned two, and we play with the hexes and figures most every day. (I have a video of him six months ago chanting "More dice! More dice!" that, if there is justice in the world, should make him a Heroscape celebrity.)

Anyway, I found an hour or two when he was asleep to set up and play SotM "for real", albeit solo. I chose the Waters of Life scenario, since I wanted to use the Hive. In this small board, the Hive sits in the swamp in the center, and Player 1 gets a 300-point, all-common army. Player 2 gets a 500-point, all-hero army. All heroes (including the hive) heal 1-2 points of life every turn they're in or near the stream cutting through the swamp. It's a cool set-up, and a reason to use all those Marro that come with the set.

I first tried to limit myself to the heroes that came with SotM. I used the new Raelin, the new Sgt. Drake, Q10, and Shiori, hoping to sit back and pick off the Hive from range. Well, the durned stingers took out Raelin first turn, Q10 fell the second turn, and despite a heroic charge from Drake to take a couple of swipes at the hive, the heroes got whupped.

Okay, next up: gladiators. I figured it might be fun to try out the glad squad of Sparticus, Crixus and Retarius, backed up by Raelin. No ranged attacks, but huge defense: Crixus had 6 dice for attack and defense, and I figured with his one-shield-blocks-all-but-one-damage and a 1-2 point lifegain a turn, he'd be nearly immortal.

This turned out to be true-ish, but with those durned swarm and the Hive's ability to reincarnate Marros, the glads simply couldn't wade through the carnage fast enough to reach the Hive. They'd kill a Marro with each attack, but they'd simply be surrounded again. Oh, and the Hive had cannily drafted the Warriors of Ashra (3 defence, one shield blocks ALL damage), which also helped tie up the gladiators. Finally, the Marro targeted Raelin and brought her down, then shot at Sparticus nine times a round until he fell. It took a while, and a lot of Marro died, but the heroes still didn't come close.

This will be a tricky one to beat, I think, given my limited supply of heroes. I think I'll need a melee beatstick to charge the Hive and try to kill it, but a dragon or something that can take out multiple Marro in one turn. (Mimring?)

Great scenario, great set. There really is much less terrain than in the original Master set, but for $30 it was worth it for the new figures.
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