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Subject: Italian parade rss

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Geoff C
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SMS Goeben and Breslau set sail from Messina, intent on showing the Italians why they should join the central powers.

Day 1 Full of confidence, we cruised right into reach of Britains Malta port, whereapon we pounced on the BC Indomitable, the CA Defence, and several DD flotillas. We quickly put our drilled crew and superior optics to work and brought our guns to bear on the Indomitable. Suddenly there was a flash and loud explosion, and sure enough a direct hit to her magazine had finished her! A cheer went up along the ranks and we cruised closer to complete our victory. Shell after shell wizzed back and forth, until Breslau got in the finishing blow, delivering two torpedoes straight into the engine room of Defence, breaking her back. The DD flotillas fled and we toasted our astounding victory that night.

Day 2 We sailed south and made anchor at Tobruk. We had no desire to stick around to see what hornets nest we had stirred up. Incredibly, the allied response seemed light, and while there we heard reports that a light force of a CL and DD were patrolling the Alexandria sea lanes.

Day 3 Our force weighed anchor and raced east at high speed, which caused a boiler to burst in the depths of the Goeben. Nevertheless, we once again made short work of our opponent, sending both to the bottom.

Day 4 We had turned west again and in the eastern mediteranean came across the french CL Jurien. This too we quickly dispatched. Reports of this caused the french fleet to sortie and secure their african shipping lanes. No matter, we were far from there.

Day 5 Acting on intelligence heard over our wireless sets, we steamed into the Adriatic, intent on adding to our total. There the BC Indefatigable led a considerable squadron. A good test at last we thought. However mother nature was not so kind, and a violent storm made any contact impossible.

Day 6 Just past mid day the storm broke, and suddenly there they were, escorting a large merchantman convoy. We fell apon them and quickly forced Indefatigable to withdraw, damaged. Further escorts were sunk with minor damage to both our vessels, and finally we put the broom to every merchantman we could find on the horizon.

Day 7 We returned to our first hunting grounds off of Malta. We felt as if eyes were on us, and indeed several french DD flotillas rushed out to challenge us. These however were sent to the bottom for their audacity.

Day 8 Our force ventured west and it was late in the day when we could see Sardina to our north. The allies fell on us in a mixed force, led by the CA Edinburgh. One by one we forced them to withdraw, damaged and bruised. It was only as evening began to fall that we saw why, as we caught a huge merchantman convoy. This we pursued will into the night with our searchlights, sinking everyone we could.

Day 9 Wireless traffic was high, and we even heard in the clear a directive from the British Admiralty "Pursue at all costs!". Surely our luck would run out at at some point for our little two ship squadron. Our ammunition certainly had! We retired to Genoa in haste, to a hero's welcome!

9 ships sunk
5 damaged/withdrawn
3 convoys shattered

111 victory points

Italian Alliance confirmed!

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