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Subject: Electrons in Flames VIII: Greece Falls rss

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Here is the seventh report of turns Jan/Feb '41 and March/April '41 for our game being played in the ether via Vassal. Thanks to Ken Griffith for his fine work!

Recap of previous turns at the end of the report.

The players: Stewart - Allies
myself - Axis. This will not be a neutral report!


Axis forces in Greece were bogged down in heavy snows. Axis naval units sortied in the Mediterranean and Atlantic; Italian subs caused some damage to the British merchant marine in the Gulf of Guinea, and British subs based in Malta sank some Italian shipping in the Italian coast but there were no surface battles.

Japan made some progress, blasting Chinese defenders out of the southeastern forests. And Tokyo authorized the militarization of the Mariana Islands.

In response, FDR announced an embargo on strategic resources to Japan, and authorized for some reason the provision of resources to the Soviet Union, as German forces continue to build up in Poland.

Note: This was one of those rare turns where there were only 2 Allied and 1 Axis impulse - Allies ended it on a '1'. Not much happened.

BP lost: CW 4, Italy 1, China 6


German subs were on the prowl early in the season and sank significant British shipping (4 CP) off the mouths of the Amazon. In Greece, the Italian HQ Balbo led a joint German-Italian assault against Athens that succeeded in eliminating Greek resistance; Germany installed a puppet regime.

Italian, German, and British fleets were steaming all over the eastern Med. The Royal Navy succeeded in delivering reinforcements (Canadian motorized corps and a British motorized division) to Wavell's/ Alexander's forces in central Libya, eluding Italian and German aircraft. But in early April Italian and German fleets and naval air wings jumped the Royal Navy near Crete in the Mediterranean. They damaged two transports and the battleship Barham, and put the Commonwealth army in Libya out of supply, but the RN managed to re-establish supply later. (The Allies continued to roll very well for damage control, which has limited damage from losing naval battles - all three of the damage results were saved from "sunk" results.) German paratroopers captured Iraklion in Crete without incident.

Meanwhile, German forces continued to stream east from France into Poland. But Soviet forces continued to man the inter-Polish border. You'd think Stalin didn't trust Hitler or something.

After patiently bombing the Chinese, Japan attacked KweiYang, but failed to take the city. Italy's AOI territorials, meanwhile, captured British Somaliland, giving Mussolini another dusty and dry feather in his cap.

With the new baseball season beginning, Washington was quiet.

BP lost: China 4, CW 18 (plus Greeks conquered).

SEP/OCT '39: Warsaw held due to bad weather and a short turn. Italy takes Gib on a surprise impulse invasion. Bloody battle in China causes Communists to fall back. US quiet. USSR annex E Poland, no other territorial demands.

NOV/DEC '39: Germany finished off Poland, attacked and conquered Netherlands. Minor skirmishes in the Western Med, CW divisions reinforce Morocco. US approves resources to western Allies. No combat in China with bad weather.

JAN/FEB '40: USSR demands Bessarabia, reinforces Poland. Hungary and Bulgaria gain territory at Rumania's expense. China static. US gives cruisers to CW, occupies Greenland and Iceland.

MAR/APR '40: Sub skirmishes in North Atlantic. Japanese attack makes no headway in China. Belgium falls in lightning attack in late April when the rain finally clears.

MAY/JUNE '40: Germany rolls into France, approaches Paris. France abandons most of Maginot. Wavell captures Tobruk, Bardia, Benghazi, races west. Ark Royal damaged, Revenge sunk by Italians. Japan fails to make progress in China.

JULY/AUG '40: France reels, but Paris holds. Spain joins the Axis, Spain and Italy declare war on France and Portugal. Italy captures Tunisia and Algeria. Japan bloodies Chinese. Wavell pushes Germans back near Tripoli.

SEP/OCT '40: France falls, Free France sets up in Gabon, BEF escapes France. Ark Royal, Gneisenau sunk off Cape St Vincent. Japan assault on Sian fails, progress in south China. US passes Lend Lease Act.

NOV/DEC '40: Axis invades Greece, Bulgaria joins Axis. Inconclusive battles in China. Pro-Japanese freedom fighters in Burma close Burma Road. FDR authorizes US Navy to escort neutral shipping in North Atlantic.
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