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Subject: Electrons in Flames IX: SiAn Falls, CW Retreats in Libya rss

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Here is the report for May/June 1941 for our game being played in the ether via Vassal. Thanks to Ken Griffith for his fine work!

Recap of previous turns at the end of the report.

The players: Stewart - Allies
myself - Axis. This will not be a neutral report!


The German build-up in Poland continued - as did the Soviet one. Hitler called in his generals to harangue them; he is ready to start his war for Lebensraum. Hitler announced that Hungary had joined the Axis on June 4. But even with the heroic Hungarian forces at their disposal, the General Staff remained cautious and and as of the end of June had managed to prevent an attack on Russia, arguing the balance of forces just weren't with them yet. (Note - in game terms, Stewart has stuffed the border and I don't have the 2-1 ratio yet to break the pact. Frustrating - been a long time since I was in a game where the Russian tried this strategy, and I didn't respond to it as well as I could have. Soviets didn't land-grab vs Finland so I can't set up the Finns yet, and Rumania also can't join until after Germany declares war, so their units won't help on breaking the pact.)

But battles in Germany's ongoing war with Britain and France continued. Trying to keep Wavell and Alexander from making further progress in Libya, the Italian and German fleets again patrolled the Eastern Med. They were successful in chasing off the Royal Navy's Mediteranean squadron. In a late-May battle, Italian and German naval air routed the Royal Navy, sinking the light carrier Eagle, shooting down the RN's Wildebeest naval air squadron, and damaging the Warspite battleship before the RN retreated to bases in Port Said, the remaining battleships going to Suez instead.

Wavell and Alexander were caught - within sight of Tripoli, but now bereft of naval support and supply, and facing a couple of German bomber wings that rebased to Libya from Greece and southern Italy. Using emergency headquarter supply, the British, Canadian, and Indian forces began to flee east. They maintained good order despite bombing from the Luftwaffe (failed to flip them), and the Canadian motorized corps and British motorized division checked a German/Italian attack, retreating from battle after destroying the Italian Libya mechanized corps in the process. (I bricked the roll... with shore bombardment it was a pretty good attack. Oh well.)

German paratroopers from Crete recaptured Bardia in eastern Libya; Egyptian territorials and British artillery moved to defend against any advance towards Egypt. German marines landed on Cyprus, and Italian marines waited in port and Italy revealed a brand new squadron of amphibious craft.

On the other end of North Africa, bombers from the CW carrier Glorious struck the Canary Islands, where German subs were refitting, causing very minor damage to a couple of them.

In China, the Japanese air force had a rare success, launching a bombing campaign that significantly disrupted both Communist forces in Si-An and Nationalist units in the mountains east of Chungking. Terauchi's HQ led the follow-up attack vs Si-An and routed the Communists, shattering Mao's headquarters and destroying a cavalry army and artillery brigade. Farther south, Umezu smashed the KMT defenders; Chiang's forces scrambled to get troops into Chungking before Japan could exploit the opening. China is hurting. Despite that, the Soviets continued to pull troops away from the Manchurian border en route to Poland. And hastily-raised Korean territorials put down the communist insurrection (aka, a zero-strength partisan).

BP losses: China 12, CW 10 (all naval and air).

SEP/OCT '39: Warsaw held due to bad weather and a short turn. Italy takes Gib on a surprise impulse invasion. Bloody battle in China causes Communists to fall back. US quiet. USSR annex E Poland, no other territorial demands.

NOV/DEC '39: Germany finished off Poland, attacked and conquered Netherlands. Minor skirmishes in the Western Med, CW divisions reinforce Morocco. US approves resources to western Allies. No combat in China with bad weather.

JAN/FEB '40: USSR demands Bessarabia, reinforces Poland. Hungary and Bulgaria gain territory at Rumania's expense. China static. US gives cruisers to CW, occupies Greenland and Iceland.

MAR/APR '40: Sub skirmishes in North Atlantic. Japanese attack makes no headway in China. Belgium falls in lightning attack in late April when the rain finally clears.

MAY/JUNE '40: Germany rolls into France, approaches Paris. France abandons most of Maginot. Wavell captures Tobruk, Bardia, Benghazi, races west. Ark Royal damaged, Revenge sunk by Italians. Japan fails to make progress in China.

JULY/AUG '40: France reels, but Paris holds. Spain joins the Axis, Spain and Italy declare war on France and Portugal. Italy captures Tunisia and Algeria. Japan bloodies Chinese. Wavell pushes Germans back near Tripoli.

SEP/OCT '40: France falls, Free France sets up in Gabon, BEF escapes France. Ark Royal, Gneisenau sunk off Cape St Vincent. Japan assault on Sian fails, progress in south China. US passes Lend Lease Act.

NOV/DEC '40: Axis invades Greece, Bulgaria joins Axis. Inconclusive battles in China. Pro-Japanese freedom fighters in Burma close Burma Road. FDR authorizes US Navy to escort neutral shipping in North Atlantic.

JAN/FEB '41: Little action in bad weather. Japan militarizes Marianas. US embargoes strategic materials on Japan, authorizes resources to USSR.

MAR/APR '41: Greece falls. Naval battles in Eastern Med, advantage Axis. Japan bounces off Kweiyang.
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