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Subject: Attack AAR rss

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Bill Powers
United States
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Attack Scenario AAR

Yesterday, my gaming group mate Bob and I decided to give ‘Front Toward Enemy’ a try. I chose the Attack scenario as it is short at 18 turns. My experience with FTE is half an introductory scenario, and half of ‘Search and Destroy’. It would be Bob’s first game.

I arrived first so chose to play the NVA/VC and get the game set up.

I chose 20.22 as my ‘center of mass’. I set up the NVA mostly in the hills surrounding center mass and the VC in Ban Mong Ham.

After a brief rule session, we began…

Bob chose to enter from the East map edge. For his free action on turn 1, he flew in the Hogs. I chose not to Op Fire, waiting for the slicks. During set-up, I tried to even out my stacks to hide their contents, but Bob was savvy enough to sniff out my DSnK MG. Still, I was concealed in a bunker so I felt pretty good..until he rolled the ‘1’. He WIAs my best unit on the first attack of the game!

He brings in the 2nd Hog, aiming to finish off the DSnK. I figured it best to Op Fire here rather than lose my best unit before it even shoots. This time it was my turn to roll the ‘1’…followed by another ‘1’! Smoke one Hog…

With his 2nd activation he brings in all of his slicks, landing them in the large field of grass in the center of the map. My DSnK again Op Fires and hits the lead slick, only breaking it this time. Bob then informs me that it was the ‘Command Slick’. The only units in it were the company commander and the XO! He would lose 2 activation chits on turn 2 when the broken slick flew off the map.

With his free artillery shots he managed to not only plot the DSnK, but also my SG43! Will have to set those guys up in less obvious hexes in the future. The attack on my DSnK ( and some surrounding units ) kills one of my platoon commanders. The 2nd artillery fire is ineffective.

At this point, Bob decides a frontal assault on my position is not the best idea. He elects to move his entire force south through the grass, then across some open ground and rice paddys to Ban Tong Leing, and up over Hill 234 to flank my position and roll up my defenses. This is going to take a LONG time…

For the next few turns, he executes his plan, and we trade some mostly ineffective pot shots at each other. His lack of command and control ( due to his loss of the command slick ), forces him to leave some stragglers in the grass. My VC in Ban Mong Ham move into the grass to chase them down. We spend several turns playing ‘cat and mouse’ in the grass, but nothing effective happens. By turn 9, the VC have chased him from the grass into the open! I will finally get some good shots in open ground.

Why is turn 9 significant? Oh Yea, that is when the Cobra’s arrive…OOPS…Forgot about those…

In the 3 turns they are on the board, I manage to WIA a single fire team. The Cobras…
Break my leader
Kill my RPD MG
WIA my fire team

I did have one piece of good luck. My other platoon leader called in a mortar strike, but by the time it executed, the Americans had moved on. I noticed that if the strike scattered in direction 3, I would hit a fire team. I roll for scatter and scatter! I roll for direction and get the 3! To add insult to this injury, I get a KIA on the fire team. To make matters worse ( for Bob ), it was the same fire team my VC had hit, so now they are eliminated!

Over the next few turns, the Americans crest hill 234, scoop up their casualties and call in a Medivac. They roll a 1, so it comes in immediately. Meanwhile, the remains of my VC gather themselves and try to make it to the Medivac before it can load and take off. Alas, the chit pulls are not with me and the casualties are evacuated. A quick check of the score shows those VPs have given the American a one point lead!

Realizing they now have the lead, and there being only 3-4 turns left by this time, they decide to stop advancing and make me come to them. Fortunately for me, I had a KIA with a fire team. A result of the aforementioned ‘pot shotting’. I had not moved them to a tunnel as I did not want to lose the fire team, but now that point tied up the game.

We could have stared at each other for the last turns and accept the tie, but Bob would have none of that. He decided to move forward and get the win. He did out number me by quite a margin on the hill. He moves his forces next to mine, as best he could in the jungle. I have 3 concealed stacks. One is the MG43 with the platoon commander, one was a sniper, and one was an ‘unknown’ unit I had moved up but Bob had never seen.

I get the activation jump on him and decide to assault with the MG43 and platoon commander. If I can clear the hex, he will only be able to assault back with a single fire team. Good for me. My leader makes the assault automatic. At the end of the combat, I have KIAed his fire team, with no loss for me. I have the 4 point lead!

His activation is next and he assaults my MG/PC. This time he gets the WIA and I miss. Three point for the US. I am clinging to a 1 point lead.

His activation again, and he activates all the units around my sniper and the ‘hidden unit’. He has a fire team and an M60 that can assault the sniper. Two fire teams that can assault the ‘hidden unit’. A fire team and an M60 that can assault either ( being adjacent to both ).

He decided the FT and M60 can handle the sniper. Rolls the Troop Quality for both units and they both fail! My sniper is safe.

Of his 4 unit assaulting the ‘hidden unit’, 3 succeed. I have to reveal my unit which is…a DUMMY.

End of game – The NVA/VC win by 1 point.

It was a good game and Bob and I both had a great time. Look forward to getting it on the table again.

As a side note, Bob told me before the game that he was in Vietnam at about the time of the scenario. He was in country with the 82nd Airborne from June to November of ’69 ( later transferring to the 101st ).

Bob – Thank you very much for the game, but more importantly for your SERVICE.

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Nadir Elfarra
United States
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I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum...
Sounds like you both had fun, so that's a win all around!

Thanks for the AAR!
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