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Subject: The Bloody Tracks rss

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Andrew Young
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And if you never have, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.
Chuck Tewksbury and I sat down last night in the ASL Attic to slog it out in the famed city of Stalingrad. We played Blood on the Tracks, late October ‘42 on the RF map, though a smaller portion of it.
This was sure to be a disaster as it pits two elite forces of some size right up against each other. The Germans must push east to factories and stone to control a building on/east of M and/or the Russians don’t have a GO unit on/west of K.


What a mess it was- Chuck rightly concluded that, given Russian HIP capabilities he’d have to essentially enter every building on the slog east. I had 24 factors of mines and wire as well. A few fortified locales and some trenches. Russians were well outfitted as well with 4 MMGs, 2HMGs and a bunch of other stuff, including. Mol Projector. Which I didn’t get to use! I had two 45LLs as well to try to deal with his two StuGs. Germans had some sick leadership and some 838 assault engineers along with many first liners. And he got 6 STUKAs in the first 3 turns that did some damage like wounding my 9-2 and completely demolishing a reinforcing 4-3-6 platoon. Stupid mistakes by me.


I set up throughout the wooden buildings in a manner to slow him down. Seemed to work well but when his kill stacks got LOSes he did some damage. He brought his OBA down in my rear successfully as harassing fire. It didn’t accomplish what he wanted but it did suck. Ha.


Of some note, his 10-2 pinned twice on rolls. Which was frustrating. He must have been promoted bc of his family name!

I fortified building J32/33 and mined the two hexes In I before it. I then put trench counters from there to SHOP 1 factory to be able to sneak to and fro. This would potentially allow me to sneak past the K row for end game conditions. There is also a manhole in the building that I could use to end up further west if needed.


Chuck can add some thoughts but we ended Turn 5. It was clear that it would be a Herculean task to get control of a building M and beyond. I had called back with enough units to make it near impossible. Great game.

Pics are chronological from start to end.

Play it!
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jb jeanba
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Nice account.
The ASL is very well suited to the Stalingrad battle and this gives furious plays
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