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Aaron Casteel
United States
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This is not intended to be a full session report, but I wanted to highlight an exciting endgame and talk about some issues.

This session was a 2player game that I played through solo to check out my shiny new game and prep myself for playing with my SO (if I am going to drag her into a new game, I better have that sucker down pat).

I played Battlemage Jaes and Runewitch Astarra. I will say that in my game, RA's before combat abiltiy was extremely useful, and BJs was not used at all. Early weapons and allies played a major part in this as BJ accquired the Runesmith Shan ally on the third turn. This ally proved to be insanely effective as he could cause 3wounds before combat. BJ also accquired a weapon that gave +1 damage, so all experience went to melee combat ability to balance out the magic attack of Shan.

Runewitch Astarra didn't get insanely effective cards until the endgame, but the White Blade and Runemaster Baras played huge parts in her final win.

The White Blade brings up the need for a rules clarification. You are allowed to have two weapons - say the White Blade and the Lightning Mace. The White Blade lets you make a before combat melee attack and the Lightning Mace gives you +4 to your Melee combat roll - is the before combat roll made at +4? I don't think it should be and that's how I played, but it is totally unclear.

Runemaster Baras is a game winner - luckily he didn't show up until the endgame, but he (and any 8-10 cost card) could be had as early as turn 3. I think that there has to be a pre-requisite level rule that would only allow you to control (not just purchase) items and allies that have a cost of twice your level or less.

I realized early on that most greens were almost too easy to beat so I focused on yellows and quickly went up to blues. Early on, I got into two or three close calls, but neither character got knocked out. It really pays to be daring in this game. When the game was won, there were 8 greens, 5 yellows and 3 blues left on the board. Maybe it would be much different in a >2 player game, but I think that it might be a good idea to shuffle random yellows into the green pile to make them more worthwhile.

The endgame:

Movement ability is everything! BJ had the Eyes of Avra and managed to get to two red cards before RA could get to one. He lost it in an encounter and was stuck in the forest and struggled to get through the mountains on the way to the last red. With BJ moving after the last red, RA was moving to the two SW red encounters. She got the prophesy event and checked the red in the far corner - it wasn't the High Lord. She received the Ransacking the Ashes card (instead of rolling move dice, move to any space on the board) just before taking the red close to her. BJ was one mountain space away from the last red and failed to get a mountain twice in a row. RA used Ransacking the Ashes to move to the mountain red that BJ was trying to get to and it was the High Lord! Re-rolling some attacks using Runemaster Baras made the defeat an easy win.

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