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Subject: First playtest of Archmagus rss

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Irrevenant the semi-mighty-ish
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Omnitron vs (custom hero) The Archmagus, Tachyon, Captain Cosmic and K.N.Y.F.E in Insula Primalis.

Note: This is the first playtest for custom hero ”The Archmagus”, a draw-heavy hero with a wide variety of effects fuelled by discards. She also has ‘Arcane skill’ cards which either reduce discard cost or increase effect efficiency if you power them up by putting your own cards beneath them.

--- Session Log ---
Villain 1: Plays Electro-Magnetic Railgun and Interpolation Beam (IB).

Archmagus 1: Starts with Heal, Mind, Mana Potion and Twist the Tapestry. Mana potion (draw 3 cards, play a card) would normally be a strong opening, but Interpolation Beam cripples it. Since the others can deal Omnitron 7 damage by the end of the round she just puts out the Mind Arcane skill for now, and doesn't use her power. She draws Druid Robe and ends her turn.

Tachyon 1: Tachyon plays HUD goggles, then Nimble Strike. Doesn’t take the extra draw for it to avoid the damage from Interpolation Beam. She Rapid Recons, sees Blinding Speed and leaves it there. She draws it and takes a point of damage.

Captain Cosmic 1: Plays Dynamic Siphon on KNYFE. He uses his power (Note: From the wording I interpret this as *not* being a draw). It's Cosmic crest and he puts it into play. He draws a card and takes one damage.

KNYFE 1: Plays Prototype Servo Gauntlet. She uses her power to deal Omnitron 3 damage. She draws Battlefield experience. IB hits her for 1 point of damage. Dynamic Siphon kicks in and she uses the Servo gauntlet again (presumably that's allowed in this circumstance?) dealing 3 damage, which is a total of 7 and Omnitron's components go away.

Environment 1: Plays Velociraptor Pack which deals 2 damage to Dynamic Siphon.

Villain 2: Omnitron flips (around this point I remember how annoying his constant flipping is and why I haven’t played him for a while). He plays Sedative Flechettes. Everyone takes 5 damage. KNYFE uses this opportunity to punch Omnitron for 3 damage (I assume this counts toward component destruction for the round?). There are no ongoings in play. End of turn, Electro-magnetic rail gun comes back.

Archmagus 2: Plays Mana potion and draws Fortune, Elemental Ward and Weave the Pattern. The game is serving me Fortune cards so I play the Fortune Arcane skill. Then use Arcane Research to draw Elemental focus, Soulflayer and Revitalise. Then discard Revitalise. Then draw Wand and end the turn.

Tachyon 2: Plays Fleet of Foot. She draws Hypersonic Assault, Cosmic draws Augmented Ally, KNYFE draws Focusing Conduit Blade, Archmagus draws Ethereal Blade. Tachyon doesn't want to play anything else right now. She Recons, her top card is Fleet of Foot which she leaves there, then draws it at end of turn.

Captain Cosmic 2: Plays Augmented Ally on KNYFE. He uses the power on Cosmic Crest to heal Dynamic Siphon for 2. He draws Energy Bracer to finish.

KNYFE 2: Discards Battlefield experience to use Augmented Ally to use the gauntlets to deal Omnitron 3 damage. She plays Focusing Conduit Blade then uses Energy Lance to deal Omnitron another 3 damage. The Electro-magnetic railgun goes away again. She draws Energy Burn.

(Wow, KNYFE is doing all the heavy lifting here! Admittedly with help from Cosmic).

Environment 2: Insula Primalis brings out a second Velociraptor pack. Crap. They devour Cosmic Crest and Augmented Ally.

Villain 3: Omnitron flips. He plays S-84 Automation Drone.
At the end of turn the drone bips KNYFE for 4 damage. Omnitron plays Terraforming. The Velociraptors die. Sedative Flechettes comes out. Everyone takes 5 damage but there are still no ongoings in play. Technological singularity comes out. All equipment dies. Tachyon takes 2 damage. KNYFE takes 4 damage.

Archmagus 3: Plays Weave the Pattern discarding Elemental Ward, Soulflayer, Druid Robe and Heal to fuel it. Omnitron's first 3 cards are Disintegration ray, Adaptive plating subroutine, and S-85 Repair Drone. She places the drone on the top of the deck. Disintegration ray goes to the bottom of the deck. Adaptive plating goes in the trash. Ethereal blade goes under Fortune. Archmagus draws Elemental Barrage to end the turn.

Tachyon 3: Plays Fleet of Foot. Tachyon draws "Pushing the limits", Cosmic draws Wounding damage, KNYFE draws Energy Burn, Archmagus draws Physical Ward. Tachyon plays Hypersonic Assault, then Pushing the limits. She uses Rapid recon. The top card is Lightning Reflexes which isn't useful right now so she ditches it. She draws Research Grant and Supersonic Response.

Captain Cosmic 3: Plays Energy Bracer on Tachyon to insulate against Pushing the Limits. He plays Fabrication which puts Destructive response in play. He draws Vitality conduit.

KNYFE 3: Plays Energy Burn. Omnitron takes 3 damage then 2 damage. KNYFE bips the drone for 2. She draws Primed Punch.

Environment 3: Plays Obsidian Field.

Villain 4: Omnitron flips. He plays Repair Drone. Automation Drone hits Cosmic for 3. Omnitron plays Electromagnetic railgun. Healing Drone restores 5HP to Omnitron (At this point I realise I probably should have taken out that other drone knowing the Healing Drone was coming. Oops.)

Archmagus 4: Moves Weave the Pattern from trash to the top of her deck. Archmagus discards Physical Ward, Twist the Tapestry and Elemental Focus to play Elemental Barrage. She deals 3 damage to Automation Drone, which dies. She deals 3 damage to the Healing Drone, then she deals 3 and 3 to Omnitron. She uses Arcane Research to draw 3 cards - Weave the Pattern, Twist the Tapestry and Enchantment. She discards Wand. She draws Spirit Ward to end her turn.

Tachyon 4: Gets bipped by Pushing the Limits +1, reduced to 2 damage by Energy Bracer. She plays Research Grant. She uses Research Grant to draw Synaptic Operation and Supersonic Response - she discards Supersonic Response. She draws HUD Goggles and Quick Insight to end her turn.

Captain Cosmic 4: Plays Vitality Conduit on Tachyon. He uses Fabrication to put Potent Disruption into play, destroying Dynamic siphon to do 6 damage to Omnitron, which destroys Electromagnetic Railgun. Destructive Response lets him deal another 2 damage to Omnitron. He draws Autonomous Blade to end turn.

KNYFE 4: Plays Amplified Combatant, dealing Omnitron and the Healing Drone 2+2 damage each. Deals 3 damage using base power. Draws wrecking uppercut.

Environment 4: Plays Pterodactyl thief. Bleh.

Villain 5: Omnitron flips. Plays S-83 Assault Drone. Drone bips Cosmic for 3 damage. Omnitron plays S-84 Automation Drone. It bips KNYFE for 5 damage.

Archmagus 5: Moves Twist the Tapestry from trash to the top of her deck. Plays Enchantment, uses Arcane Research to draw Twist the Tapestry, Heal and Elemental, then discard Spirit Ward. Draws Stunblade to end turn.

Tachyon 5: Pushing the Limits hits Tachyon for 2 damage which Vitality Conduit instantly heals. Tachyon plays HUD goggles, Synaptic Interruption and Quick Insight. Draws Lightspeed Barrage, HUD Goggles and Accelerated Assault, Discards HUD Goggles. Research Grant draws Hypersonic Assault and Sonic Vortex. She discards Accelerated Assault. Draws Lightspeed Assault and Pushing the Limits. (I possibly should've used Blinding speed here to take out the environmental threat, but oh well).

Captain Cosmic 5: Plays Autonomous Blade on KNYFE (Ooh, linguistic irony!). He uses Fabrication to put Cosmic Crest into play. He draws Vitality conduit.

KNYFE 5: Plays Wrecking Uppercut to destroy the S-84. This triggers Autonomous Blade to do 3 damage to Pterodactyl thief. Then she uses the Energy Lance to finish it off and draws Overdo it to end her turn.

Environment 4: Plays a second Obsidian Field.

Villain 5: Omnitron flips. He plays the S-83. The two drones deal 5 damage to Tachyon, and 5 damage to Archmagus. Tachyon destroys Synaptic Interruption to bounces the damage to her back at Omnitron. Then Omnitron plays Interpolation Beam(IB).

Archmagus 5: Considers Test the Thread which is a zero-cost play now, but keeps it for fuel and puts Elemental into play. She puts Stunblade under Elemental. She draws Test the Thread.

Tachyon 5: Takes 2 damage from Pushing the Limits. Plays Hypersonic Assault dealing 3 damage to Omnitron and his Drones and buying us some breathing space. She plays Sonic Vortex to deal 5 damage to all 3 wiping out the drones. This is enough to finish off the Interpolation Beam.

Captain Cosmic 5: Plays Wounding Buffer on KNYFE. He Fabricates Destructive Response which is Limited and already in play so he keeps it. He draws Harsh Offense.

KNYFE 5: Plays Energy Burn, dealing 5+4 damage to Omnitron, followed by 3 damage from the Autonomous Blade. KNYFE then uses her Lance to do 3 damage to Omnitron.

Environment 5: Plays Enraged T-Rex. It hits Cosmos for 7 damage.

Villain 6: Omnitron flips. He plays Electro-pulse Explosive then Adaptive Plating Subroutine.

Archmagus 6: Puts Elemental Barrage and Soulflayer on the top of her deck at the start of her turn. Uses Arcane Research to draw those two plus Drain Life. Discards Twist the Tapestry. Ends turn by drawing Vitality.

Tachyon 6: Takes 2 damage from Pushing the Limits. Plays Blinding Speed to get rid of the T-Rex and plays Supersonic Response to deal 4 damage to the EPE. She plays Lightspeed Barrage to do 11 damage to the EPE, finishing it off. She uses Research Grant to draw Nimble Strike and Research Grant. She discards Research Grant. She draws Hypersonic Assault and Sucker Punch.

Captain Cosmic 6: Plays a second Vitality Conduit on Tachyon. He Fabricates Sustained Influence. He draws Energy Bracer.

KNYFE 6: Plays Primed Punch then uses the power on that to deal 3+3 damage to Omnitron. She draws a second Overdo It at end of turn.

Environment 6: Insula Primalis throws a Velociraptor pack at us. It single-handedly eats the Cosmic Crest. Destructive response does 3 damage to the raptors and 3 to Omnitron.

Villain 7: Omnitron flips. He plays a repair drone and Interpolation Beam. Omnitron regains 2HP.

Archmagus 7: Plays Elemental Barrage, discarding Heal and Twist the Tapestry to fuel it. She deals 4+4+4+4 damage to Omnitron. She does Arcane Research, drawing Mana potion, Archmage's Quarters and Ethereal Armour. She discards Ethereal armour. She draws a second Archmage's Quarters to end turn.

Tachyon 7: Tachyon takes no damage from Pushing the Limits due to Cosmic's help. Adaptive Plating is preventing her from just Lightspeed Barrage spamming Omnitron to death at this point so she plays Nimble Strike and Sucker punch on the drone which dies and gets another couple of Burst cards in her trash. She plays Lightspeed Barrage on Omnitron dealing 13 damage. Draws two copies of Blinding Speed, ends turn.

Captain Cosmic 7: Plays Construct Cataclysm. Destroys 5 constructs doing 7 Energy Damage to Omnitron.

KNYFE 7: Destroys Primed Punch to do 6 melee damage. Uses the Energy Lance for 4 damage. Omnitron is dead, woo! And not a moment too since, since it turns out his next play would have been Terraforming. o_O

--- Final result---
Omnitron 0, Archmagus 7, Tachyon 9, Captain Cosmic 5, KNYFE 10

P.S. Apologies if playtest sessions shouldn't go here - I couldn't see anywhere else to put them).
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