Bret Swanson
United States
North Dallas
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I am sitting on a sizable collection of AGoT cards taking up space that I'd like to liberate. I have:

• 2x core sets (including boards and components)
• All cards through Beyond the Narrow Sea (the one right before they introduced the Naval icon), including the black-bordered chapter packs from the first prints of A Clash of Arms
• All corresponding deluxe expansions
• A few extras like acrylic tokens

So that's, what, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 cards? The collection is currently resting in a 3200-count box, and a couple hundred or so of the cards are sleeved.

I imagine there isn't a ton of interest in 1st ed cards (idk, are people still playing it?) but I thought it was worth a post to check. Please reply with any questions about the collection and/or PM with offers. I have no reason to suspect that anything is missing, but the cards are not sorted and stuff happens, so I'll make a 98% completeness guarantee. I am open to trades; I am not interested in selling it off piecemeal. Any sale that materializes will go through the BGG market for their percentage.

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