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Subject: Envy Variant 1 & Pride Variant 1 Variant Play rss

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CV is like chess: it requires a lot of forethought to make the best moves given that you know exactly what actions are available to you and your opponents. (Imagine if you could swap out the classic chess pieces for new chess pieces with new moves from one game to the next--not the CV is a classic game!)

Today we played with Envy V1 (Move a resource from a coffer to your coffer. Move matching type resources in your coffer to other coffers) and Pride V1 (You choose: either flip one resource of every color that is NOT your color OR move a resource that IS your color).

Playing with these variants was fun. We used Pride V2's flipping action for keeping our vice tallies low (or high as the case may require). Envy V2 was great for setting yourself up with a lot of one type and then sending them all out in one fell swoop!

As usual, I rushed to get to 6 points and preceded to stall out while my opponent and the inactive coffer crept up. Finally, it all came down to ONE play where I was able to steal the final card from my opponent making him most virtuous and me second most, giving me exactly 7 points and the win.

The game was fun with these variants. They introduced a lot more options and the possibility of new tricks.
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