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Warning, this whole thread is a spoiler. Don't read if you haven't played through Heirs of Blood.


Both Interlude Transitions refer to the Monastery in Ruins.

The Monastery is really only destroyed in the Saradyn in Flames Interlude mission.

The side mission "From the Wreckage" really shows the heroes in a grand advantage having pulled one over on Eliza - i.e. absolutely nothing to do with the Monastery getting sacked.



I double checked to make sure I wasn't confusing mission flow. Both From the Wreckage and Saradyn in flames transition directly into Act 2 ... so those missions are not a chain to each other. Which indicates the selection of the interlude is based on the results of the prior Quest.

So ... why the mission interlude directly and obtusely makes canon reference to only 1 of the interludes is beyond me.

Do you have thoughts on this?

The main reason I'm asking is I'm writing a brief narrative companion packet for the Quest Guide - one that will fill in the plot holes and give context for each subsequent mission choice (usually able to do so in under 1 paragraph per victory result). So, this is a pretty hefty plot hole to keep wide open.

So, how should I tackle this?
Do I re-write what's in the book and provide 4 different transition blurbs?
Do you have suggestions on how to approach the narrative if the prior mission was From the Wreckage?

Thanks in advance
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