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Subject: Bataclan: An excellent dexterity game rss

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Paul Nomikos
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Players : 2-6 . It plays great with 2 or 3 players because you have a lot of dice to place. With 4 players plays very well. With 5 or 6 players, it is still playable but some of the fun (one more die maybe can be placed at the top) is lost.

Ages : 5 and above

Rules : The rules are only one page and they are translated in 15 languages.

Time to explain the rules : 1 min

Time to play the game : 20 min

Components : 4 red extra large dice, 4 green large dice , and 20 brown standard dice. All dice are wooden and they look nice. Also you get a nice “velvet” tray where you can roll your dice without interfering with the tower that the players build.

Price : Low (Low Medium 50$).

At the start, all dice are distributed equally (size and number) to players (with 5 or 6 players, the dice are distributed almost equally). The first player rolls all his dice and starts the tower by pilling up dice one on top of the other. The first (bottom) die must be a happy face (the dice instead of “1” have a calligraphic “G” which looks like a happy face … so we call it “happy face” … it makes more sense to kids as well). The die above the happy face must be a 2 , then a 3, then a 4, etc, and when you reach 6 the next die must be a happy face and then a “2” and keeps going. Always you add dice in the tower in a way that their top value indicate the last value played so it is easy to keep track what is the next value that a die must have so it can be added. During your turn, you roll all your dice, and you need to add one die at least if you can (if you cannot add any die, play passes to the player on the left). You can add as many dice as you want and can (depending on the results that you got in your roll) and then play passes to the player to the left. The happy face is wild, do it can represent any number. There are many interesting strategies, add your large dice first because later it is easier to add the smaller ones, add your dice a little bit away from the center of the last die so the tower can become easily unstable, add enough dice to make the tower tall enough so the next player will have a hard time to add any more, etc. If the tower falls, your turn is over and you collect all the dice that fell from the tower (usually all), and the next player has to start the tower again from a happy face. The first player to get rid of all his dice wins. The game is as simple as that.

It is an excellent game for adults and kids. Hours of fun. Simple in rules, it goes fast, the need for dexterity favors the kids. Mainly I wrote this review, because this game is totally underrated in my opinion.

Here is also a variant for a longer game. After someone wins, all other players roll their remaining dice and record their summation. The game starts anew (dice are split equally between players) with starting player the player to the left from the player that won last time. If a player exceeds 100 points (or any other higher preset limit for longer games), he is eliminated from the game. The last player remaining in play wins.
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