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Subject: A round 1 tournament game rss

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Alan Richbourg
United States
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This is Kyoshi, our adopted Shiba Inu.
Ben Kindt (bkindt) - Free Peoples
Alan Richbourg (chargetheguns) - Shadow

Shadow Military Victory on turn 13. Fellowship was at 1 on the Mordor track and 9 corruption when Ben conceded after the fall of Erebor.

We had to cancel our first session because of connection trouble, but with help from a lot of folks (thanks!) we finally fixed that. We used Skype at Ben's suggestion for our whole game. Having the voice connection helped in explaining the Java program details (it was my 3rd game with the interface, his 1st) and generally moving the game along more quickly. Due to Skype our log file contains only the minimum information and so is a little difficult to follow. Among many other things, we learned how to remove cards, etc., from the "Sea".

My thanks to Ben for the good game!

Ben rolled a phenomenal amount of Muster dice - probably his main frustration. I rolled well for the Hunt, but had a few bad combat rolls. Other rolls were average (but there were a lot of Event dice); cards were unspectacular. Smeagol appeared, but the loss of Galadriel hurt in the hunt. I didn't bring on the Witch King until the penultimate turn.

Turn 1 & 2 - The Fellowship is revealed on their first move, then burns a ring to hide, the Elves head toward war, Saruman comes out of the closet, and the Ringwraiths are Abroad. Gandalf falls on a sharp rock, but Strider finds some Athelas for the hobbits in Hollin. Saruman breeds orcs & wargs like they're going out of style. Strider and Pippin race ahead to investigate rumors in Fangorn. It seems that The Gates Are Closed (this stayed on the board for 9 turns).

Turn 3 & 4 - The Fellowship crosses the High Pass rather than reveal in Moria, then moves steadily down river. Saruman raises more orcs & wargs, and conscripts his first horde of Hillmen (his mom sure must be proud!). The Ents lodge a formal protest regarding the noise in Isengard. Wormtongue successfully paralyzes Rohan. Flocks of Crebain search the foothills but are dispersed by a Wind from the West. Rohan is overrun while Wormtongue whispers sweet nothings in Theoden's ear. The Elves and Sauron declare war on each other - it's like a 10,000 year long version of the Hatfields and McCoys.

Turn 5 & 6 - Galadriel steps up to the plate, while an Orc Patrol has a close call with the Fellowship in the Gladden Fields. Smeagol is tamed shortly thereafter and guides the group down the Anduin valley. Edoras and Helm's Deep fall meekly to Isengard's legions. Orcs, Nazgul, and the Balrog appear in Moria and Dol Guldur. Elves heed the call to arms in Lorien, Thranduil's realm, and Rivendell.

Turn 7 & 8 - Eleven (11) Event dice appear in these turns. After loads of mustering on both sides, forces from Dol Guldur, Moria, and North Dunland besiege a full strength Lorien. Deep Trenches and Great Engines are brought up against the Elven stronhold. Cruel Weather blows the Fellowship up river into the armies investing Lorien. The second ring is used to hide. The Balrog makes a quick visit to Lorien, but the Nazgul make jokes about his bad hair; so in a huff he returns to his digs in the mountain.

Turn 9 - Gandalf the White pulls himself together in the Woodland Realm, as Mordor Alpha reaches Northern Rhovanion (next to Dale). The Ents awake and rescue the Fellowship from a band of orcs and 2 Nazgul, but cannot save Lorien or reach Saruman in Isengard. There has been enough Deadly Strife in Lorien, and despite a final Sudden Strike by the Elf Lords, Lorien finally falls.

Turn 10 - Shadow forces march north into Moria, while Frodo gets crosswise with some nasty Candles of Corpses in the Brown Lands. A fast moving warg army wipes out the last of the Rohirrim, as they cut North to re-capture Lorien. Trolls and Goblin Men reinforce the Moria army before it heads out toward Rivendell with 5 Nazgul.

Turn 11 - Smeagol guides the Fellowship well through the Emyn Muil and Dead Marshes, but Sauron's Eye glances their way in North Ithilien, scaring him off for a while. After hiding, and being out of rings, the Mirror of Galadriel reveals a path forward into Minas Morgul. Boromir creates a diversion, getting himself killed in the process but allowing Frodo to escape. Meanwhile Rivendell falls swiftly, crushed by the weight of cave trolls, siege towers, and more Deadly Strife. The Nazgul fly to Rhovanian to await the coming of their master.

Turn 12 & 13 - Gimli leads the Fellowship into Mordor, accompanied by Legolas and Merry, but finds The Gates Are Closed. The dwarf falls heroically as the party pushes past the defenses of Cirith Ungol. Frodo's Mithril coat fails to protect him from the unceasing gaze of Sauron's Eye (corruption reaches 9 - Legolas must have been mindful of Sorrow and Toil). Sauron employs a ring (how fitting) to bring out the Witch King, and Dale falls immediately under his first sorcerous attack. The Dwarves arm their trebuchets, and Aragorn is crowned king in Minas Tirith, but a Foul Stench envelops Erebor. Time has run out for the Free Peoples. The Witch King, Cruel as Death, breaks the Dwarves' last defenses, and the Shadow has conquered Middle Earth once again.
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