Hello everybody!

SAJOUVIT team here. We are a small passionate team of board games. After studying and distributing alternative Wargame (BannerWar) rules, we decided to design a Rugby themed card game, sport we cherish in the South West! (Well, it is also to celebrate the Rugby World Cup)
So, I am happy to present you our card game! As from today, it is now available via the Kickstarter financing platform.

Game name: Rugby Champion
Game type: card game
Goal: Score more tries, (more points) that your opponent
Duration: Understand the rules 2 min / 5-20 min per game
Number of players: 1 to 4
Price : from 13 € (excluding shipping costs)
Delivery: During December 2019
Kickstarter’s link: http://kck.st/2Vkpdrm
Website: www.rugby-champion.com
Date: 4/10/2019 --> 18/11/2019

Rugby Champion is a Fast-paced tactical card game based on the Rugby theme. This game was designed to be enjoyed with the whole family. It is a simple, tactical and very dynamic game. It will immerse you in a rugby match as if you were there. An essential card game, designed for those oval ball passionate fans as well as for beginners that you should own by the end of the year.
The game offers 3 different play modes for 1 to 4 players, with short rounds.

Note: Don’t worry, you will be able to have fun and play even if you are a total rugby novice!

The game is divided by rounds called "challenges ". These challenges represent the phases of a classic rugby match. Each player therefore tries to win these challenges to be able to score tries, by playing the action cards based either on the power (Physical game), on the dexterity (Hand game), or on the technicality (foot game). But beware, the strongest cards are also the most risky and in case of a risky play the referee can intervene at any time and whistle to mark penalties! And that way, we chain actions and challenges. The player with the most points after 2 halves is declared the winner!

The game takes the form of a series of challenges:
- Physical and powerful challenge: simulates actions like rucks, scrums, etc.
- Hand Challenge: simulates skilful actions such as passes, interceptions, etc.
- Foot challenge: simulates tactical actions such as kicks, penalties, etc.


Despite the small size of ur game, the dozens of card and tactical game combinations in 3 game modes (Solo, Duel or Conquest for 4 players) offer very good replay ability. In addition, because the game is played very fast, it is particularly suitable to play small tournaments or championships in less than one hour.

Have fun !
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Oye Oye!

Is just by watching a spectacular rugby match that I decided to write to you this little update!

Be sure to check the How To Play GIF by hitting the (rugby field) picture on the link below :


We have also recorded GamePlay videos to be able to show you a whole Rugby Champion match (French version - See below)!

Have fun !
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