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Subject: The AFL in 1967 on the GAME TABLE rss

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Robert "Smitty" Smith
United States
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WE are embarked upon doing a series of American Football League seasons, starting with 1967. Why 1967? 1967 was the year where I really came of age in the sense of football. It was my second season of midget football, aka Pop Warner football. It was the first year I really followed the season from start to finish. Early in that season for some reason I can’t recall I switched from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Oakland Raiders. The Black and Silver simply appealed to me and struck some chord in me. Moreover, in retrospect this was a great Raiders team, an offensive juggernaut, the first of several plus such teams in a row. Ben Davidson’s handlebar mustache rocked.
Now, the Downey website tells the prospective player that “The Final Score Football line of games differs from our other quick play line, Ultra Quick, as the games all unfold in a quarter-by-quarter manner. Each team is rated individually for Offense, Defense, Strength of Schedule, and Home Field Advantage”. We will note that strength of schedule is used for the College game. How that works is like this – say the Miami Dolphins are playing the Oakland Raiders in Oakland in 1967. Rating move either to the left or right based upon the defensive rating and Home Rating. The Dolphins here modify their offensive rating of G by the Raiders defensive rating of -4 to come up with a new rating, in this case the letter C. The Raiders Offensive rating is P, so we add Miami’s rating of +3 for a for a S base offensive rating. That is Example #1. Unlike in the College Football version, there is no subtracting the two strength of schedules. Instead what we have is the rule for Home Field Advantage (HFA). That is very simple to use. Playing at Oakland gives you a 1/1, which means each side modifies their letter by moving it one column to the right. In Example #2 we calculate that and you see the final result. It is obvious that Oakland should win this game but with a very high die roll and a very low die roll by Oakland there is a tiny chance for the upset.


In the only game of Week, the Broncos forgot show up for the 2nd half, after leading 20-10 at half-time. Boston ran up 20 points and Denver got a late same safety as Boston ate the ball to protect the lead. Are these the Patriots who were 8-4-2 in 1966, ready to compete for the title in the East?

W L T W – L – T
Oilers 0 0 0 Broncos 0 1 0
Jets 0 0 0 Chiefs 0 0 0
Dolphins 0 0 0 Chargers 0 0 0
Bills 0 0 0 Raiders 0 0 0
Patriots 1 0 0


Week 2 saw Boston travel to San Diego. By the end of the 3rd Q, SD was ahead 27-14, winning by 34-21. Lance Alworth scored twice against Boston.

The Chiefs traveled to Houston. KC has a chip on its shoulder after losing the first Super Bowl. At the half, KC was down 7-6. Houston conducted two long scoring drives to upset the Chiefs 20-13.

Surprisingly the Jets-Bills game was rated a toss-up. It was a great early September day in Buffalo and the Bills faithful turned out to boo Namath and company, as Buffalo fans hate those folks from the other side of the state. The Jets jumped out to a 21-14 lead at the half. The Bills added 14 more in the 2nd half, but the Jets matched them with 16, winning 37-28.

Denver said the oddsmakers giving the Raiders a HUGE edge was simply Bay Area whacky thinking and they would make the local sportswriters eat their words. Final Oakland 45-Denver 17. In each half the Raiders outscored Denver by 14 points.

Oilers 1 0 0 Raiders 1 0 0
Jets 1 0 0 Broncos 0 2 0
Bills 0 1 0 Chargers 1 0 0
Patriots 1 1 0 Chiefs 0 1 0
Dolphins 0 0 0


Boston was hoping to pick up its 2nd win of the year against what they perceived as an upstart Raiders team just like in the Ultra-Quick Football Replay. This was never close as Oakland smashed Boston’s hope even worse in this one 51-7.

Denver and Miami had a wild first half, with the Broncos and Dolphins scoring at will, with a 21-20 1st half with Miami sensing a win. Denver tallied 14 in the 2nd half and the Dolphins scored 6, and were shut out in the 4th Q losing 35-26.

Houston and the Bills saw this as a pivotal early season game. All it proved was these offenses were offensive as the final was 6-6. Buffalo had a sliver of a chance with having the last roll, but failed to convert. Houston was happy to escape with the tie.

Oilers 1 0 1 Raiders 2 0 0
Jets 1 0 0 Chiefs 0 1 0
Dolphins 0 1 0 Chargers 1 0 0
Bills 0 1 1 Broncos 1 2 0
Patriots 1 2 0


Buffalo won a yawner 20-9. Boston did themselves no favors, rolling twice for Big Quarters, and each time getting a -3 column shift modifier, resulting in 0 points for those quarters.

John Hadl and Lance Alworth all week talked up how they would shred the Oilers secondary. Instead Houston rolled up 35 points on SD, jumping out to a 21-7 1st half lead.

KC was picked as a prohibitive favorite over the Dolphins. What’s worse than prohibitive as the Dolphins were a fish out of water, losing 59-3. KC put up 31 unanswered 2nd half points.

Namath was cold in Denver – and the early snow didn’t help. Denver was up 13-12 at the half, but only managed two 2nd half Field goals, while the Jets kicked 3 to escape with a 21-19 win.

Oilers 2 0 1 Raiders 2 0 0
Jets 2 0 0 Chiefs 1 1 0
Dolphins 0 2 0 Chargers 1 1 0
Bills 1 1 1 Broncos 1 3 0
Patriots 1 3 0


The defending AFL Champions came to Oakland wanting to put the Raiders in their place, and reestablish who was the Boss. The Chiefs led 21-19 at the end of 3Q’s. But the Mad Bomber put up 17 4th Q points, and Oakland wins 36-28.

The Jets were an 18-point favorite again over the Dolphins. Did someone know something we didn’t as the Jets cruised to an easy 28-10 win. Both teams got 0 points on a Big Quarter roll.

Unlike in Ultra-Quick Football, Buffalo gets no real Home Field Advantage (HFA). It was obvious too as SD rolled up 21 2nd half points, winning 38-16.

Denver played Houston very tough, being down only 6-3 at the half. Denver managed 2 more field goals…but Houston managed 3, winning a dull game, 15-9.

Oilers 3 0 1 Raiders 3 0 0
Jets 3 0 0 Chiefs 1 2 0
Dolphins 0 3 0 Chargers 2 1 0
Bills 1 2 1 Broncos 1 4 0
Patriots 1 3 0


The Jets pushed themselves deep into the Eastern Division Playoff race with a signature win against the Raiders both in Ultra-Quick and in real life. Here they lost 33-15, being down 20-7 at the half. The Raiders only scored 13 2nd half points, but the Jets were underwhelming with only 8 scored.

The Chiefs were a 26-point favorite against the Fins. They won this game in actual 41-0 – but Miami instead came ready for an upset losing 20-9. At the half it was 12-6. Had Miami perhaps got one Big Quarter roll….

Denver simply lost a close game 24-17, hurt by their inability to score in the 4th Q.

Air Hadl never got untracked as the Boston had 4 picks for the day as they won 26-22. Boston scored 16 points in the 2nd half, and that surge was enough for the win.

Oilers 3 0 1 Raiders 4 0 0
Jets 3 1 0 Chiefs 2 2 0
Bills 2 2 1 Chargers 2 2 0
Patriots 2 3 0 Broncos 1 5 0
Dolphins 0 4 0


The Jets were a +2 favorite for this game. Instead it was a slaughter on 5th Avenue as Namath and the Jets went up and down the field all day, winning 40-19. It was 30-9 at the half, propelled by a 2nd Q 24-point BQ outburst.

KC had to have this game if they were to get back to the Super Bowl and avenge themselves. Instead the Chargers like in UQ football won 30-26, helped by the 17-6 lead at half-time.

Boston was a 10-point favorite. Miami was only down 14-10 at the half, but never had a TD in the 2nd half, and losing a close one 24-19. The Dolphins dropped to 0-5.

Buffalo was hoping to make up some ground here with a win against Oakland. It was awful to watch as a Bills fan as Oakland held the Bills to 5 points. Buffalo shut down Oakland for only 26 points – and still lost by 21!

Oilers 3 1 1 Raiders 5 0 0
Jets 4 1 0 Chiefs 2 3 0
Patriots 3 3 0 Chargers 3 2 0
Bills 2 3 1 Broncos 1 5 0
Dolphins 0 5 0


Houston and KC both wanted this game. It showed as KC clung to a narrow 10-9 lead at the half. However Houston got only 3 points in the 2nd half and KC rolled up 17 more, winning convincingly 27-12.

The Jets traveled to Miami in order to entrench themselves in first-place. Instead the Jets looked like they were looking past Miami, winning by the skin of their teeth 18-13.

Oakland came into Boston a 12-point favorite. They left with a 27-point win as Boston never scored more than a FG, and that on their first possession of the day.

Denver nearly pulled off an upset here, being down 17-10 at the end of the 3rd Q. Instead they gave up 14 points and fell 31-17.

Oilers 3 2 1 Raiders 6 0 0
Jets 5 1 0 Chiefs 3 3 0
Patriots 3 4 0 Chargers 4 2 0
Bills 2 3 1 Broncos 1 6 0
Dolphins 0 6 0


Buffalo’s base offensive rating was a sickly B for this game. Houston won in a 25-0 romp.

The Jets needed a win against the Patriots in a big way. In a wild-game that saw 75 points scored, the Jets prevailed outscoring Boston 27-12 in the 2nd half.

Denver traveled to Arrowhead Stadium where they were a 25-point underdog. KC over-performed in a 51-13 dismantling of Denver. The Chiefs outscored the Broncos 34-6 in the 2nd half.

The Chargers find themselves in quite the playoff hunt hole with a 4-3 record after losing to Oakland 27-26. Oakland had to score at least 7 points on their last roll to avoid the loss and roll just that, to escape with the 27-26 win.

Oilers 4 2 1 Raiders 7 0 0
Jets 6 1 0 Chiefs 4 3 0
Patriots 3 5 0 Chargers 4 3 0
Bills 2 4 1 Broncos 1 7 0
Dolphins 0 6 0


Boston was hoping to show some spark of its former glory here. It was close at the half, with Houston up only 12-9. Houston added 16 – Boston added nothing, and the final was 28-9. In 1967 Boston won 18-7.

Buffalo saw an opportunity to sneak up on the Jets here by beating the Fins. Well the Fins despite being a 15-point underdog lost by 15. It was never that close.

The Jets were a 14-point underdog against the Chiefs. The Jets, well they lost by 14 points, 36-22. They could have forced a tie had they been able to shut KC down, but KC ran up 14 4th Q points.

Oakland had a small scare NOT! in its 46-17 win as it as they led 31-10 at the half against the Broncos.

Oilers 5 2 1 Raiders 8 0 0
Jets 6 2 0 Chiefs 5 3 0
Dolphins 0 7 0 Chargers 4 3 0
Bills 3 4 1 Broncos 1 8 0
Patriots 3 6 0


The Jets needed a win here to stay ahead and Buffalo didn’t tally enough to pull the upset, falling short 24-23.

Denver managed only 3 points at home, losing to Houston 26-3. In Ultra-Quick it was 20-6.

A low scoring game for KC, with the Chiefs winning 25-6. At the half KC only led 9-3, but a 16-3 KC 2nd half advantage was all that was needed to ensure the win.

Miami was a 17-point underdog heading into this game. Miami made up those 17 points plus some, yet still lost 25-22 as SD‘s 1st half lead of 20-8 was just enough to hold on to win by.

Oilers 6 2 1 Raiders 8 0 0
Jets 7 2 0 Chiefs 6 3 0
Bills 3 5 1 Chargers 5 3 0
Patriots 3 7 0 Broncos 1 9 0
Dolphins 0 8 0


The Dolphins were a 31-point underdog to the Raiders. Lamonica, Wells and Biletnikoff ensured this game wasn’t a game as Oakland won 51-6, worse than the Fins Ultra-Quick loss.

Buffalo and Denver – certainly not a game to warm the hearts of any fans or TV executives. It was as dull as expected as the Bills won 23-9, leading 9-3 at half-time.

The Jets continue to fly high, winning 44-19. The Jets jumped out to a 24-9 half-time lead, and were up 38-12 at the end of the 3rd Q.

Denver was a 15-point underdog, but came nowhere close to an upset like in 1967. It was 20-7 at the end of the 1st Q and that simply was too much for the Broncos.

Oilers 6 2 1 Raiders 9 0 0
Jets 8 2 0 Chiefs 7 3 0
Bills 4 5 1 Chargers 5 4 0
Patriots 3 8 0 Broncos 1 10 0
Dolphins 0 9 0


At this point San Diego wants the Denver game for pride. Denver was a 16-point underdog – and performed like a 16-point underdog, losing by 20, 33-13.

The Jets were rooting for a Patriots victory here. However, Boston’s chance for a tie vanished as Houston on its last roll got 7 to walk away with a 24-17 win.

The Dolphins tale of woe continued losing 21-5. It was 14-3 at the half and with a 0 in the 3rd Q, there was little hope for the Fins.

The Chiefs last and perhaps best chance to gain control of their own destiny presented itself when the Raiders traveled to Kansas City. KC was a slight favorite by 22-20. Oakland and KC played each other tight. The Raiders prevailed 21-18 but KC had a chance as Oakland put up a goose egg in their 4th Q. It was only 21-12 and 10 points would have meant a win – and KC got 6.

Oilers 7 2 1 Raiders 10 0 0
Jets 8 2 0 Chiefs 7 4 0
Bills 5 5 1 Chargers 6 4 0
Patriots 3 9 0 Broncos 1 11 0
Dolphin 0 10 0


KC’s depression was evident in their game against Buffalo. KC was 17-point favorite at home, yet escaped with a narrow 13-8 win in a snowy, rainy ugly day at Arrowhead Stadium. KC was only up at the half 10-6.

Denver flew into snow at Shea Stadium but the damp cold seemed to help as Denver surged to a 23-19 4th Q lead. And then Namath went to work, adding 20 points and Denver was left reeling.

Houston - all of their games seem to be tight. But playing the Dolphins who can’t score to score helped as Houston jumped to a 14-0 1st half lead. Houston added 13 and Miami got a FG in the last 3 minutes, losing 27-5.

The Raiders came in cocky to play the Chargers, being a 6-point favorite. Instead, they won 37-16, as the Raiders picked Hadl off 5 times. Oakland led 24-9 at the half.

Oilers 8 2 1 Raiders 11 0 0
Jets 9 2 0 Chiefs 8 4 0
Bills 5 6 1 Chargers 6 5 0
Patriots 3 9 0 Broncos 1 12 0
Dolphins 0 11 0


Buffalo who started out with such high hopes is now playing out the string. It was, well dull at 19-9. Buffalo led 10-0 at the half.

The Jets had to have this game. KC is simply wanting to get above .667 in terms of winning percentage – oh how the Super Bowl team underperformed. In a close game, the Jets won at home at Shea Stadium, 27-23 thanks to that 13-9 lead at half-time.

In perhaps a preview of the AFL Championship game if the Jets run into a snag, Oakland traveled to Houston. Oakland was a 2-point favorite. At the half it was 5-0 Oakland. It was 8-3 at the end of the 3rd Q, so upset was in the air until Lamonica hit Banaszak in the flat who rumbled 44 yards to put the game out of reach.

The Chargers wanted this game, as they still had a chance to finish at .500 for the year. Well let’s just say the Fins again looked like fish heads, being down 26-9 at the half, thanks to a 20- point BQ for the Chargers. The Chargers added 21 more in the second half and that was that. Miami failed to convert on a 4th Q BQ to make it respectable, and lost by 31.

Oilers 8 3 1 Raiders 12 0 0
Jets 10 2 0 Chiefs 8 5 0
Bills 6 6 1 Chargers 7 5 0
Patriots 3 10 0 Broncos 1 12 0
Dolphins 0 12 0/[c]


The Chargers came into Houston an 11-point underdog and played like it but worse, losing 32-13 – in Ultra-Quick they lost 26-6. It was 20-6 at the half and that was that.

Miami was hoping for a big boost from well, anything but found themselves down 17-7 at the end of the 3rd Q. There was still a chance but giving up 10 in the 4th put the game out of reach.

KC came into Denver a clear 19-point favorite. However Denver played them tough until the 4th Q, losing 22-13 to the Chiefs. KC only led 13-10 at the half.

Oakland badly wanted this game to go for the PERFECT Record, but it was close at the half, with the Raiders up only 13-3. The Jets put up 17 solid 2nd half points but Oakland came back with 24, winning 37-20.

Oilers 9 3 1 Raiders 13 0 0
Jets 10 3 0 Chiefs 9 5 0
Bills 6 6 1 Chargers 7 6 0
Patriots 4 10 0 Broncos 1 13 0
Dolphins 0 13 0


Miami played Houston tight, losing 12-3. At the half it was 3-3, and at the end of the 3rd Q Houston led 6-3. The Fins put on nothing in the 3rd and 4th Q here.

Oakland played a great game, as the fans wanted blood. Oakland simply cruised to an inspired 55-3 win. Oakland was up 35-0 at the half and 45-0 at the end of the 3rd Q.

The Chargers grounded the Jets Championship season, tying them 38-38. It was a wild game, as the Jets led 17-14 at the half. SD did themselves no favors by only getting 7 points off a BQ roll in the 2nd Q. But the Jets went into SD’s last roll with a comfortable 38-24 lead…and Hadl matched them with 14 points, tying the game. The Jets and the Oilers now must have a one game playoff as both the Eastern Division leaders tied one game apiece.

Oilers 10 3 1 Raiders 14 0 0
Jets 10 3 1 Chiefs 9 5 0
Bills 6 7 1 Chargers 7 6 1
Patriots 4 10 0 Broncos 1 13 0
Dolphins 0 14 0


My oh my. The Jets are hosting Houston to see who will meet the perfect Raiders. Wild rumors flew that the folks at NBC wanted this game broadcast out of NYC as it is much sexier than Whoston….The Jets jumped out to 10-3 lead at the end of the 1st Q. Houston matched that 10 in the 2nd Q and shuts the Jets down. Houston now led 13-10 at the half. The Jets outscored Houston 7-6 in the 3rd Q to close the gap to 19-17. Houston put up another 6 and the Jets only got 7 and Houston won a nail biter 25-24, based on their -5 Defense. Houston’s Offense was rated slightly better as the Jets Defense is a +1.


Despite winning the Eastern Division with a convincing 11-3-1 record, and their squeaker of a playoff win against the Jets on the road, Houston were a 16-point underdog for the AFL Championship game against the Raiders. Obviously the oddsmakers were way out in front of public sentiment as the Raiders dismantled the Oilers 37-15. The actual playoff game saw Houston leading 7-6 at the end of the 1st Q and was all knotted up at 9-9 at half-time. Oakland made some offensive tweaks and scored 14 points in each of the next two quarters and held the Oilers to only 6 and waltzed to a 37-15 win.

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Robert "Smitty" Smith
United States
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I was remarking last night to dinner with Miss Katie my bride of some 24 years, that the writing and formatting to get this to look right took as long if not longer than the actual playing. Of course the AFL seasons were short then, vs. say the vastly expanded NFL, a full Major League Baseball Season or the NBA.

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