Keith Burgun
United States
Goldens Bridge
New York
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Hey BGG! Here's my Kickstarter! Just three days left to grab the game for $9 with free shipping to the US (it ends on the 10th)!

Dragon Bridge is a two-player card game that's easy to learn, easy to set up and play anywhere, but which feels strategically like a much larger game. Two players choose a Wizard and face off on a bridge, bumping each other back and forth. The objective is to push the opponent into the Dragon that sits on one side of the bridge - but players must also keep an eye on the Dragon, for it can switch sides (in a semi-predictable, semi-controllable) way!

We also have an expansion which adds 5 more characters and a new weird bridge hacking action that adds tons of depth to the already deep game.

The game is available in TTS, Print and Play format, and you can of course grab a finished copy of the game (plus expansion and also a DELUXE EDITION) over at the Kickstarter.

You can learn more at the Kickstarter link above, or by going to
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