Peter Hayward
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You may have seen the ads around the place - we're running a Kickstarter campaign for two Village Pillage expansions, Surf & Turf!

The campaign started on the 1st of October and will run until the 25th. You can find it here:

Surf introduces a new type of card - Freebooters, who sail into your hand faster than ever before. Whenever you buy a Freebooter, you can then spend an additional turnip to buy another card (including another Freebooter!). But be warned - they’ll abandon ship at the first sign of trouble.

Turf brings a whole new set of villagers to the market (along with their animal pals), features cards that can affect the entire table (at any player count!), and introduces a brand new mechanism - Provoke! Provoke is the opposite of Exhaust - if your card is Provoked, you must play it next turn.

Each expansion is only $9, and if you buy both, you’ll get the promo pack, which includes the Golem, the Enchantress, and the ability to play the expansions with up to 6 players!
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