Louise Treloar
United Kingdom
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Have you ever wanted to jumpstart your imagination? Or to laugh until your sides ached? Do you dream of hearing a jaw-dropping story, the likes of which has never been told before? Or feeling gloriously smug about being cleverer, funnier, and generally more brilliant than your family and friends? Have you ever wanted a spark of inspiration that can help you to write, or draw, or dream?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then we have the game for you!

Twists and Tales is a game that inspires players to invent and tell stories. It has been created by 19 young people who attend free weekly writing workshops at Grimm & Co, the inspirational children’s writing charity.

Twists and Tales contains 200 unique cards, each featuring an original and unusual creative idea created by the game’s young makers. These cards come in four different categories: characters; settings; objects; and story starters. Players can use these cards to help tell wild tales in many different, exciting ways.

Here's an example of one of the cards -

The Kickstarter ends on Saturday 26th October - please help us to reach our target so that we can make this amazing game that the kids have written.
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