Richard Dorset
United States
North Carolina
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On November 28, Major Dorset was shot multiple times as well as having to bail out of his Me110, when he suffered another minor wound. Dr.s say he will be in the hospital until at least the end of April, 1944. This was not the 1st time he was shot, as in May he was shot in the leg, requiring 4 weeks in the hospital, and again in June he was shot in the arm, taking 3 weeks to recover. Typical of Major Dorset, rumors have it that he will not resign but will be reassigned to a desk job when he gets out of the hospital.

From his wingman, Dorset’s usual manner was to go straight after the bombers, ignoring any escorts. After shooting down a bomber he would be jumped by escorts, some of which also would go after the wingman, which often resulted in Dorset’s plane being destroyed. On his last sortie, a flight of Spitfires came out of the clouds shooting Dorset several times on the first pass and destroying his plane on the second, requiring Dorset to bail out.

His cousin says he will be taking the Major’s place in the fight against the nefarious enemy bombers.

The Luftwaffe has released the following Career Report for Major Dorset.

Start: March 1, 1943 as an Oberleutnant (promoted twice) Assigned to: 1 JG/27 out of Bernay, France
Flying: Bf109-G4, G6 Aug-43 upgraded to Bf110 G2/R1

Sorties Flown: 32 (out of 68 possible)

Skills learned: Parachute, Gunnery, Reflexes, Ace ( plus he sent his Bordschutze to mechanic school who found and fixed sabotaged guns in November)

Awards: 5 Wound Badges in Black, Silver and Gold (2 LW, 3 SW); Operational Flying Clasp in Bronze; Iron Cross, both 2nd and 1st class; Ehrenpokal

Prestige Level - 7

Enemy Shot Down:
Bombers – 14 (13 B-17; 1 B-24) (wingmen got 5 more)
Fighters – 5 (2 – P47; 3 Spitfires) (wingmen got 2 more)
TOTAL ENEMY PLANES- 19 (plus 7 from 2 wingmen)

Interceptors Shot Down – 18; Scrapped for parts - 2
TOTAL - 20

Career Comments: Exceled at shooting down Spitfires when no bombers were around. Also very good at parachuting with 18 successful jumps.

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James Moore
United States
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To shoot down any Spitfires at all in an Me 110 would be a tremendous achievement. I suppose using "boom & zoom" tactics you could bag the occasional unwary Spit. Good job!

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