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Subject: Demo Day results Nov 30th (modular base game map) rss

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Brian Lemler
United States
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In the other game, we played on the modular (randomized) map from the base version of Magnus Rex. This was a 4-player affair and consisted two new players, a one of my playtesters, and myself. John played as France in the upper left quadrant, the Vikings were led by Jacob in the lower left, Rich played as England in the upper right, and I played as Japan in the lower right.

The two new players quickly caught on to some of the nuances of their factions; the Vikings with their early water movement quickly cleared most of the water Event cards. The Vikings also wisely out-bid everyone for the Sailing tech early on in the game. Even though they didn't need Sailing themselves, this deprived every other player from moving in water until France learned Navigation later. Quite a "Pro" move for a new player.

France was able to use her Magnus Imperator (Great General) effectively in combat and also built France's unique building, the Salon Académie. France was the first player to win 4 battles, and so earned another Magnus Imperator.

England was trying to use her extra trader unit (the Civis) and extra trading ability to grow her economy, but had some issues acquiring Economic resources to initiate trade missions. I was "turtling" with Japan and trying for a late Science or culture victory. It seemed like the France player was going for a Conquest win as he built a large Archer army, as seen in the background here, and moved his army towards England.

The Vikings also had a quite large Berserker army early on, however a Medieval event (the Black Death) given to him by England caused him to lose 5 units to the plague. (not shown)

After the Viking plague, they shifted their strategy to building fishing harbors and smithies to reap in a large harvest of Fish and Bronze. They soon maxed out their Scroll and Fish harvest at 20 of each resource. For an Economic victory, all they needed was a few more Bronze to be harvested. So the last few turns were a tense waiting period for Strategic to be rolled, while the other players thought of ways to disrupt his economy. But surrounded by water, it was hard for any of us to reach him with units.

France and England also fought a long struggle over England's 2nd city, which turned out to be a stalemate but looked bad for England early on. (not shown)
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